Friday, January 30, 2009

Smushies at Royal Café

If you don't already know, it's sushi meets smørrebrød.
It's totally overpriced and delicious.
One of those things i only do with my mom.
Oh, and Royal Café don't mind me bringing Lucifer, a serious plus.

Still at work, had to lock the door to keep the drunk friday night riff raff out.
At least our customers are nice, that's a good thing when you have to spend friday night working.

Ps. There's actually a newer post below this one, they just got published in the wrong order.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Such a good day, this one

My new computer arrived pretty early, so i didn't have to stay at home and wait for the delivery dude till 4 pm.
I haven't really had time to play around with it, but it looks mighty fancy i tell ya.
Almost too fancy...
I'll get used to it, i'm sure.

At the shop we had some time off between clients, so i went to the hobby store and Allan went to his music pusher.
We both got some good stuff and Lucifer got a bonus walk.
And we've been listening to a first draft of the Heroic Anthem Mixtape and it's gonna be epic.
Already is.

Ok, but here's what makes this day extra super great.
We were buying plane tickets for Milan, not a big deal.
But while we were looking at prices, we decided to check out SAS for Japan tickets.
We always fly KLM to Tokyo, but Allan had seen some special deals from SAS that we decided to check out.
Direct flights from Copenhagen to Tokyo with SAS are usually ridiculously expensive, so imagine our surprise when we found two direct tickets for about 2000 kr. less than we usually pay to fly via Amsterdam.
How awesome is that?
So now we're flying to Japan in 11 hours straight instead of 14 with a layover.
Yup, feeling pretty god about that.

Update: As soon as i got home and lay down on the couch, Lucifer threw up on me.
For real, he just went "uargh" right on my arm.
It wasn't much and it was easy to clean, but maybe that's what you get for having good luck with plane tickets?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day off

Today is hair-appointment-day.
It's also Allan-is-so-sick-we-had-to-cancel-his-appointments-day.
And wednesday.

This is what my head looked like this afternoon, in the weird light in the livingroom, not too bad, but not good either

It was a nice visit at the salon.
Hair girl was feeling much better and she decided we'd call this a trim and that she wouldn't charge me this time.
Free haircut? Yes please!

After a nice afternoon with the boys, i decided to color my hair too.
I know that may sound a little dumb, since i just came from the hair salon, but since losing a lot of hair in '07, and spending most of '08 trying to get it back, i don't really take any chances with hair products.
I get treatment at a hair clinic in Copenhagen and i now use only their shampoo and conditioner.
And for color, i use only organic, plant based products and those have to stay in a little longer than the chemical ones.
So i do it at home.
And i save a few bucks that way too!

The shop was all out of the pre-mixed color, so i had to mix it myself this time
Green, smelly and going on my head for about two hours
I may be able to pull off a turban hat, but an actual turban, not so much
While the color was doing its thing, i made a small owl skull out of Fimo (Allan and Lucifer were sleeping on the couch the whole time)
The after picture:
Kind of a space age playmobil mushroom, definitely not just a trim!
Oh, and i'm holding a lamp, not just doing a random pose
Time to join sick husband on the couch for tea and a movie.

Royal Copenhagen

My mom gave me this when we were in Bisserup this christmas.
She never used it, so she passed it on to me instead.
I didn't mind.
I'm not gonna start collecting these, but i would like a coffee cup.
Just to match my coffee cup tattoo (and i'm just now realizing this, i don't think i've ever posted a picture of that... weird).

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's practically a tree

Ok, so it doesn't look like much yet, but i consider this little project a success (based solely on the fact that it's still alive).

It really has grown a lot
Maybe because the tree-to-be has a Totoro looking looking after it?


In spite of my best efforts, i did manage to pack on a few extra kg's in Texas.
Dammit, it's just not possible to come back from the States looking the same as when you left.
I'm telling you, it's not.

Not too noticeable yet, but i know
The picture is from this morning and the top is from the fleamarket.

So, these past few days i've been cooking more, and cooking healthy japanese inspired food.
And soup, of course, it's what sick people need.
Today we had Onigiri for dinner, three different kinds (smoked salmon, salmon roe/wasabi, omelet/tofu, mine also had avocado in them, yum).

I'm gonna try to exercise a bit more too.
It's just hard, cause when Allan is sick, i don't feel right either.
Like watching him feel bad just drains my energy or something.
Stupid, but that's how it feels.
But i'm gonna try to move my ass more anyway.
Also, i'm not sleeping well.
Sleeping has never been a problem for me, only in times of serious stress, so i'm a little confused as to what the reason might be.
Ok, time to stop whining.

In other and better news, it seems like my new computer will arrive sometime thursday.
I know, that's so fast.
So goodbye to this:

And hello to this!
Tomorrow, getting my hair cut.

Monday, January 26, 2009


I've been in need of a new laptop for quite some time now.
But i just couldn't be bothered to look for one.
I procrastinate a lot, always have.

But the other day me and Allan made some milk chai, sat down and started to put one together online.
After about half an hour i got bored (i sometimes have the patience of a wild ferret) and started rearranging the kitchen instead, but Allan finished the job and ordered it for me.
I only chose the color and a couple of technical details, but i trust him, i'm sure it'll be sweet.

This is what it looks like:

I don't really know why i chose purple, the pink one seemed a little too hysterical and the others too boring i guess?

And i did actually consider switching to mac, but i'm on a budget here and there's no way i could have gotten a machine like this for the kind of money i had to spend.
And also, when something is really popular i'll usually go buy the opposite (except of course in this case)!
It's not cause i wanna do the opposite, i just try not to believe they hype too much, that's all.
It's funny, cause i know a lot of people who say they don't care about brands at all, they're against them even, but when it comes to computers their loyalty to mac is almost a little disturbing.
Oh well, i guess everyone has "their thing".
I'm still trying to quit American Apparel.

But back to my new computer, i'll get it sometime in February, maybe sooner, and i'm starting to get pretty excited about it.
I wonder how long i'll be able to resist putting stickers on this one?


Todays post was supposed to be full of pictures (well, at least one) of me and my new hair.
But sadly, my hairperson called and canceled our appointment this morning.
She was sick, like everyone else seems to be at the moment.
But at least she had a cancellation on wednesday, so i won't have to wait for long.
My hair is starting to look ridiculous.
I'm wearing a hat today, i've been doing that a lot lately.

Allan is sick too, a lot.
But because he's so booked we can't move the clients, there are just no free dates to move them to.
At least he didn't have to draw for today, if it had been one of those days i would have cancelled his appointments for sure.

This weekend was not super exciting. A little weird too.
Because we were only briefly at the shop friday, and then worked all day saturday, i'm still a little confused.
It is monday right?

My grandfather is home from the hospital, so i went to see him yesterday with my mom, my cousins and the kids.
He seemed happier and healthier than he has in a long time.
We all had coffee and cake together and then i cleaned his bathroom with a little help from the boys (i think they were more into splashing water on eachother than actually scrubbing the sink, but we got the job done)!

And at home, we made up for some of the movie nights we've missed lately.
Four movies in total:
Lars and the Real Girl, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Kung Fu Panda and In Bruges.
I'd recommend them all, so if your monday is as crappy as ours you should go rent one of them!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wtf weather?

It's just freezing today.
The kind of cold that'll give you instant winter depression the moment you set foot outside.
And as if that wasn't bad enough, our client called and canceled.
She had the flu. Damn epidemic.
So we went back home again.

But we did have an interesting morning with my mother at Inco, kind of like a Costco for businesses.
It was amazing.
And it's so damn close too.
We bought so much food, mostly Japanese stuff, giant bags of organic rice, a great powder chai and some fish for me.
We're gonna get a membership card to that place somehow, and i'm gonna go there, like every saturday for the rest of my life!
Ok, calm down.

So, tonight we ate sushi and watched Hot Rod.
And, inspired by the soundtrack to that movie, we are now working on creating an awesome mixtape (playlist) of Heroic Rock Anthems.
I don't know why we haven't done this before either.
We keep ending up in the 80's though, maybe that was just a slightly more heroic decade?
Anyway, suggestions are welcome.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Non-western themed shopping

A top/very short dress i bought at Buffalo Exchange one night in Austin.
It was sold as used, but the tags were still on.

All is well

Lucifer is back y'all.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Viva Mexico!

Here's a few of the things we bought at the flea market last Saturday and in a little shop on Congress.

I'm so happy she made it to Denmark in one piece
We've started a whole wall full of these, some old and some new
Weird how you can loathe religion, but love religious artwork
Today is Lucifer day!
Yes, my parents are finally coming to Copenhagen with our little boy and i can't wait to see him.
I've even been vacuuming and washing the floors for his homecoming.
Not that he's gonna notice, so it doesn't even make any sense.

It also looks like i'm staying home today.
Allan has a rare drawing block, so he just went to the shop to talk to his client and maybe move him to saturday (ugh).
We're lucky todays guy is danish, otherwise we would have been in trouble.
So yay for an unexpected day off!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Finding use for useless objects

This is one of the childhood treasures i recently rescued from my parents attic.
He is now business card holder extraordinaire at the shop.
You can't even tell he only has three legs.

Oh, and i'm still wearing the boots.
So officially not a mistake (but that top sure is).

My new favorite place

I am so having a delayed monday today.
It's foggy and cold and it's our first day back at work.
Allan is running late, so it doesn't look like we'll be going home anytime soon.
And it's 8.40 already.

So i guess i'll just sit here, wait for the tubes to dry (that somehow came out wrong?) and post pictures from better and brighter days.

Allan already did a post with pictures from the fleamarket and the awesome Snake Farm, but i'm gonna post mine too dammit.
Even if they're not half as good.

Just look at that... so awesome!
This python was the coolest, it really put on a show for us
Tiny crocodile (or possibly alligator?)
Chickens in trees
We were allowed to hand feed the animals, so me and this tiny deer became good friends
King of the roof
Do i have something stuck in my teeth?
No, seriously dude, check!
Hyenas are adorable
Say cheese
Baby piglets in the petting zoo...
I'll never eat you guys again! Except maybe if you're bacon...

The flea market was awesome too, we found some really cool stuff there, including some cool Mexican artsy things.
More about that later.

Working hard or hardly working buddy?
Uhm, ok then
Another week in Texas and we would have bought hats too

A couple more armadillos

No, i never did get to see, or buy, a real one.
Which is probably for the best since word on the street is that these little guys carry leprosy.
I know, ew.
But here are some faux and safe ones.

The front of the purse-a-dillo
No, our sweet tattoos weren't the only ones, here's one Jon did on Spencer
Big enough to ride into the sunset
Uh, i almost forgot the most important part:

My two armadillo beltbuckles!

The thing about Texas...

Being in Texas makes you want to buy cowboy boots.
And huge belt buckles.
And things with longhorns and armadillos on them.
And anything western themed in general.

So you buy these things, and you know it's probably a big mistake and you'll never use them at home, but you just can't help yourself.
It's Texas dammit!

However, i feel fairly certain that the vintage boots i bought in Austin last week are not a mistake.
If they are i haven't noticed yet, cause i've been wearing them pretty much all the time since we came home.

Pulling them off?

Vacation time is over y'all...

So, being back is not super awesome.
It never is.
And we don't even have our baby back yet, he's still with my dog-stealing parents in Bisserup.

We spent most of the day with my grandfather in the hospital.
I don't wanna get into it too much, but let's just say he's had a rough couple of weeks and it sucked not being there to help him.
But he's alive and in a pretty good mood i must say.
That man is invincible. He's like part highlander or something.

We also caught up with Martin who has become kind of a big deal while we were away (we were only gone for a couple of weeks right?)
He's up for not one, but two awards on friday's P3 Guld awards.
That's our boy!

I'll post some real pictures tomorrow.
For now, here's what leaving Texas looked like.

Ps. Allan posted a bunch of lomo pictures yesterday.
I mostly slept.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bye bye Texas

No internet for the last few days, but we have lots of stuff to post when we come back.
Bye for now Austin.

Friday, January 16, 2009

From Allans Lomo

Well, it's not like he's gonna post these any time soon, so i might as well.