Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hell looks a lot like LA

So friday me, Allan and Martin went to a show at Vega.
I was pretty excited about going, but at the same time i was worried that it would turn into something like the Reel Big Fish fiasco of 06, that made everyone there feel like they were at a great party, only they were 5 years too late. Sad.
But that did not happen here.
Sure, the band didn't seem to have changed one bit, they were stereotypical ska punk, complete with the standard facial expressions, bad jokes and hyper trombone player.
The thing that saved them, i think, were all the new fans.
There were kids there! I was totally surprised by this.
And they stagedived a lot, these new kids. It was cool.
And the band did have a great energy and seemed genuinely happy to be there.

Photos courtesy of Martin and his freakishly long arms
After the show Martin had a DJ gig at the lounge upstairs, so we decided to join him for a quick drink before heading home.
We pretty much came straight from work, in our work clothes, so we weren't planning on staying long.
Yeah right.
DJ's at Vega get a whole friggin minibar for free now. Including a bucket of ice. I did not know this.
Fast forward about two hours to me, Allan and Martin going nuts on the dancefloor to Black Box's epic "Ride on Time", next to the large group of Koreans and the two Indian dudes who Martin gave beer to.
Martin and me used to share a record collection, so a lot of the stuff he plays are my old favorite albums.
So of course we ended up staying till they kicked us out.
On the way home we stopped for late night shawarmas (in my case a falafel).



  1. sooooooooo awesome! and ha ha freakishly long arms! and you thought you were going home? even i knew you weren't getting home till morning from way over here. nice work. :)

  2. that sounds like a lot of fun.
    i never go out on weekends anymore. nightlife in japan scares me...kind of!

  3. ride on time is one of the best songs ever! xxx

  4. the best nights are the unplanned ones! looks like you had a blast!!

  5. I never had a chance...
    Vega lounge is pretty great, much better than the nightclub. And so close to home!
    I may go back soon...

  6. It's just a..


    It's just a..


  7. Ej hvor er det sjovt, jeg kan huske denn her aften, det var første gang jeg mødte jer, og Martin havde Dickies uniform på :)