Monday, December 8, 2008

December 7th (it's late, i know!)

We've had Allan's family over most of the day, and when i was about to make dinner Mille came over for an unexpected visit, so that's why i'm behind schedule.
She's asleep on the sofa now, her place is kind of far when you're on a bike and it's super cold.
I love houseguests.
Anyway, here's today's gift:

A really sweet, really warm and really green cardigan.
Seriously, this guy!
Allan saw it in a window and thought of me.
He didn't buy it at first, he waited a bit, but kept thinking about buying it.
Man, that's sweet.
I love that he'll see something and think of me, and i love that's he's just as excited about the calendar as i am.
Lucifer is too, he's a sucker for the wrapping paper.

Ps. I need a haircut!


  1. wowzers! im trying to imagine all this stuff so far, wrapped up and hanging in the calendar you showed us.. it just doesnt seem like it will all fit.. and still have 2 more weeks of gifts!!

  2. Den er fandme fed! Den ser blød, varm og hyggelig ud. Og den farve grøn er awesome!!
    Og yay for, at Allan er så sød -og din!