Sunday, December 7, 2008

December 6th (that was yesterday, i know)

More Pixar goodness!
We watched it last night while eating saturday sushi.
Good times.

I was a bit hung over yesterday. Just a bit.
And of course my parents were delivering another load of furniture for their apartment around the corner.
That's the second time this week i've helped them move.
At least their place is on the second floor and not 5th like some peoples.
When we were done i was supposed to go with them to the house and look over some of my old toys in the attic.
But by the time we'd finished it was dark outside and the attic has no light, so we'll do it next weekend when they're back in Cph.
It was fine by me, i've been dreading going back there and seeing my childhood home, the place i come from, half empty and half full of someone elses crap.
Yeah, the new owners are slowly moving in.
Ugh, don't wanna think about it.

Considering the hangover i got a lot of stuff done.
Two loads of laundry, some vacuuming, general cleaning and a bit of hat making too.
Not too bad.
Pictures from the show coming up later.


  1. Your parents are moving right around the corner from you? Do you think they'll come over a lot?

    You are getting the best presents! Is this something you're doing for your husband too?

  2. I loved ratatouille!! such good gifts!!

    and that would be super weird seeing someone elses stuff already in your own home... boo to that!

    its sunday already! where is todays gift??

  3. My parents are moving to their house in the country (which used to be my grandparents') but they rent an apartment in the city cause my dad's a musician and have many late jobs here.
    I don't know how often they'll stay here, but i do hope they'll come by!

    Allan totally surprised me by doing the calendar, it's not something he does every year. And i'm not doing one for him, but i did get him stupid advent gifts today. But just today.