Thursday, December 4, 2008

December 4th

Fun tights!
Allan seems to think his pakkekalender gifts aren't all that great.
He's obviously being ridiculous. They're all awesome.
In fact they're so awesome they could all be actual christmas presents.
I tried to explain that to him this morning and i think he got it.
As long as he knows i'm happy.

Today i'm wearing the red ones, maybe i'll try purple tomorrow
We thought it was fun that you could kind of see the castle through them


  1. Ej nu må han lige, de er super gode de gaver i pakkekalenderen!!! Søde meen skøre mand!!

  2. damn, wheres my lovely husband and all my lovely presents and tights? x

  3. yeah, those tights rock, and so does your husband.

    i just love love love your hat, too!


  4. those are awesome presents!! gold star allan!

    and yay for fun tights!!!