Monday, December 1, 2008

December 1st

Gave kalender dag!!
Presents every morning for the next 24 days.
Here's number one:

I've been complaining about not owning this for quite some time.
And apparently my husband listens to my rants!
I'm already excited for tomorrow.

Ps. Sorry about the crappy picture, my camera and me are going through some rough times at the moment.


  1. Yay! I love that film! Ha, one of my daughters dressed up as one of them a few years ago...

    She doesn't look too pleased about it.

  2. Optur! Den er god! Jeg fik en pop up bog med Guldlok, så jeg tænker at min pakkekalender er min OG Calvins pakkekalender! Men pop up bøger er nu ellers cool!

  3. good times. u gonna watch together tonight? and i saw the trailor with mickey rourke (and his face) for the wrestler and thought of you. you blogged about that one, no? it does look good. zo

  4. Cute picture (and i don't know why she looks so pissed, that suit is awesome!)

    We did watch it last night and we didn't fall asleep!
    Yes, i did mention the wrestler, but i haven't decided if i'm too scared of mickey rourkes face to watch it.
    It won't be out here till next year, so i still have time to figure that one out...