Friday, December 12, 2008

December 12th

This book is too awesome.
At least it is when you love the 70's as much as i do.
The only thing about it i don't get is the title: "The 70's- the decade that style forgot"...
They must have meant the decade that had more style than any other. Yeah, that's what they meant.
I had to scan a few pages, so you could see the awesomeness for yourself:


  1. that is awesome i wanna dress like that guy in the last pic, sweet neckerchief

  2. i'm not sure if i share the same enthusiasm about the '70s as you, but i do find a lot of it very nostalgic. like that interior picture and the wallpaper, it looks quite familiar somehow, you know.

  3. That shot's hot...foxy even! I'm thinking gouchos with a rainbow tee with a unicorn for when I'm not wearing my spandex shiny blue unitsrd and wrap skirt with wedge heels and root beer lipgloss, hair to a ponytail on the side. Lady, ROCK ON! Groovy post. Zo

  4. Jeg er afgjort en tresserpige, men hvis du spørger mig, var firserne altså det årti, som "style forgot"!!

    Jeg elsker damens tørrehat. Jeg vil osse ha en tørrehat!

  5. I used to HAVE one of those crazy hair dryers!! I got it at a yard sale when I was eight, and every time I tried to use it I burned my scalp (which makes me wonder why I continued to TRY to use it...).

    I found this book of 70's crafts at the store the other day and I'm desperate to get it. That was the last era of kitsch! :)

  6. i think i have some patterns of my moms from the 70s.. ill bring them!

  7. Jeg er enig med Flo. 80'er mode er noget underligt noget! Væk med den igen!

  8. I pretty much love everything up to the 80's and particularly the 90's. I think the 90's might be the decade time forgot, but we're still too close to admit it?
    Remember the stuff they used to wear on shows like Friends and 90210?
    Even worse than the 80's if you ask me.