Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cph V & K

Christmas trees on Vesterbro Torv
My bank is big and green
Layered posters


  1. wow, we have people that come and scrape the old posters off. and if you post one, and you arent supposed to, (there is some sort of order or rules or mafia, i dont know) they will come and take yours down.

  2. We have a poster mafia too, they're actually called that!
    They'll pull down everything that they didn't put up. And their prices are insane.
    So they are in fact a mafia!
    I don't know how those layers got to be so thick, but i'm gonna assume the mafia put them there.

  3. maybe its a world wide poster mafia.. slowly taking over the world.. one wall or lamp post at a time...

  4. That's hilarious. I wonder if we have those people in the form of some kind of yakuza over here.