Tuesday, December 30, 2008


New years.
It got here so soon, didn't it?
It's appropriate i guess, it has after all been the fastest year EVER.
Yes, in my world time is all bendy and constantly fucking with my head.

So here's the plan so far:
Make dinner (Martin is making an appetizer that sounds delicious and i'm doing the main course and dessert)
Eat said dinner in the company of my favorite guys; Allan, Martin and Lucifer
Drink wine and jump in to '09 with a pocket full of cash
After that... maybe we'll go to a party or two!?
That's it, i'm focusing on the food and the guys this year.
And Lucifer is having a friend over to keep him company if we go out later, so i won't even have to feel too guilty about leaving him.

Today i went shopping for the most important things (like the roast and the dessert), the rest will have to wait until tomorrow.
I also went to the postoffice and picked up the new years dress i'd bought on Ebay a while ago.
I love it and it fits great.

I also went to work real quick.
Uh, and i dropped off my hat portfolio at this cute boutique here on Vesterbro.
So now i feel like i at least tried to promote my work this year.
Why do i suck so bad at these things, people things?
All communication should be internet based.
It should be a law or something.

Tomorrow should be fun, for once i'm actually looking a bit forward to it.

Ps. If you're in Cph and know of a fun party in K or V let us know!

December 22nd (and 23rd and 24th)

Since we left for Bisserup on the 22nd i didn't post the last three presents from Allan's Amazing Christmas Calendar 08.
And we can't have that.

22nd, two pairs of stay-up stockings, one fishnet and the other similar to the pair i ruined in Japan
23rd, Feist and 24th, Gears of War 2.
We listened to the CD a bit over christmas and both liked it a lot. I hope we'll have time to play Gears of War 2 after new years (i LOVED the first one)

Monday, December 29, 2008


We're back.
And i have no excuses.
Right now i feel like my blog is a person and i've let it down.
But i'm allowed to take some time off, right?

We just spent a week in Bisserup and all i can say is i just didn't feel like going near a computer.
My mom has a very nice, very big mac and now they have a pretty great internet connection too.

But ok, i do have some excuses. Bad ones maybe, but there are a few.
My parents just moved from Copenhagen to Bisserup on the 21st of December.
The house in Bisserup is undergoing some major reconstruction and was kind of a mess when we got there.
Add to that 40+ years of crap and well...
We had a lot of work to do if we were to get the place ready for a christmas dinner for 10 people in just two days.

So the first few days we just worked.
And went to a nearby town to a christmas dinner with Allans family where we ate this:


But mostly work.

And after christmas we kept working.
But we also found time to go for walks and watch some James Bond movies.

I'll get into the details later.

I mostly took Lomo pictures there, but i took some with the Ixy too, and for once they turned out really nice.
Here are some of them, only photoshop they've had is resizing.
Can you believe those colors?

My mom in her turquoise rainboots
The day after these were taken the weather was kinda gray, but it was still a beautiful day.
Me and Lucifer went for a walk by the beach.

Heavy clouds

Oh, and in addition to all the great food, presents (that i will tell you about later), family and all around good times, we got a house!
Since my parents have just moved into the main building, me and Allan have taken over the house that used to be theirs.
We already have a room there and so does my brother, but now the downstairs is all ours too.
So i spent some time cleaning and rearranging stuff over there too.
It sounds like my family is loaded right?
We're really not.
Some day i'll turn their bedroom into a livingroom.

Small eating area and stove in the kitchenOUR kitchen
I'll post more later.
So, i hope you're still here, all 23 of you.
And i hope you all had a great christmas too!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

December 21st

His royal highness.
Diamonds and Pearls is one of those albums i only have on vinyl, so it'll be good to get it on the pod.
The other one i don't know, but apparently it was incredibly cheap.

Tomorrow we're going to Bisserup, to a house that's just gone through months of major remodeling and that my parents only moved all their Cph stuff into today.
It probably looks like... let's just say i'm gonna be doing a lot of cleaning.

We're renting a car and bringing morfar along too.
As ususal i can't wait to get out of the city, though i must admit it worries me that there's no food at the house.

No tears

Yesterday, going to NV to help my parents pack.
It'll most likely be my last time at the house. But i'm ok.

Vesterbrogade, i like christmas trees
Took two buses instead of one, cause i thought i could save a few minutes. I don't think i actually did, but at least i saw this jolly bunch
The secret entrance to our backyard is almost closed now
This sign was there before i was, my mom made it
It turned out to be less packing and more sorting through my old crap than i'd imagined.
There was a huge box in the outside basement that (literally) had my name on it.
It turned out to be old school work, my collection of letter sets, pictures, notes and letters and an embarrassingly large collection of Nuno Bettencourt photos (no, i was never cool and this pretty much proves it).
Seeing letters from friends that i've lost touch with and old essays written by someone who used to be me almost brought the tears out.
But only almost.
You're not gonna get me, dammit.
I had some coffee, froze my ass off in the garage and met the new owners.
And then my brother and me drove my stuff, as well as some more of my parents stuff for their apartment, back to Vesterbro.
A much easier day than expected, but my parents were happy.

After a quick change of clothes i went to the shop where Allan, Sascha and Anki were having a tattoo party.
Now this is not something we let just anybody do, but Sascha and Anki tattooed their own designs each other, under professional supervision, and i think they did really well, both of them.

Sadly i was too late to get any photos of Sascha getting tattooed, but i did catch the second act
Don't try this at home kids! Allan was right there, ready to guide and assist, every step of the way
We went back home, ate, played a little guitar (as in hero) and then we went to a show at Loppen.
The band must have been pretty wasted, cause their tempo was completely off.
And they used to be tight.
So as a punishment (one they'll never know of) they get no pictures and no mention of their name on the blog.
Stern, stern but fair.
But Martin and Ulla were there and it was a good night anyway.
And a good way to end a strange, strange day.

December 20th (sorry)

More goodies for the book shelf.
I've read two of his books and i loved one of them.
I wonder if this one will be as good as that one?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Uuhh, barracuda

Sascha is here and we're eating sushi and playing guitar hero.
It's tradition.
Only, i'm not playing, i'm busy digesting the huge meal i just ate.
Sascha ate this:

Yes, that's a tiny hosomaki covered in wasabi.
Not the weak ass wasabi from the restaurant either. The good stuff we buy at the japanese market.


Tomorrow, a day of helping my parents pack for the big move and later on a show.

December 19th

Hells yeah.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Clients who bake us brownies are pretty much awesome

I just noticed that almost all the clothes in this picture is from Japan.
Minus the hat.
And that dress is actually a lot more yellow in real life.
I think i'm gonna have to do a "favorite-shops-in-Tokyo" post soon.

December 18th

Suraido firumu!
Or just fun films for my lomo.
Actually i wanted to put them in my old, old camera from the early 90's (crap, i'm old) but when i went to get it, i only found my lomo firsheye and my polaroid camera.
I'm gonna have to go to the basement later, cause now i can't stop thinking about where i put it!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On monday Allan cooked dinner

Yeah, i know, earthquakes in Denmark and now this.
Something's off, that's for damn sure.
But when something this rare and amazing happens i don't ask questions.

He cooked this all by himself, from a vague recipe my mom gave him.
All i did was clean the kitchen and point him in the general direction of the stove.

He doesn't look too pleased with the result
But he should be, it tasted awesome, and the leftovers the next day was even better, if possible

Cph V & K

Christmas trees on Vesterbro Torv
My bank is big and green
Layered posters

December 17th

So, we were at Vega with Martin the other day and he played "It ain't over till it's over".
And i go "this is the best song EVER, why the FUCK don't i have this"?
Or something like that.
I was a little drunk, but drunk me had a good point.
Lucky for me, Allan remembered my outburst and got me the cd.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Age of Aquarius

Somehow i managed to talk Allan into watching Hair with me last night.
It was pretty cool watching it, it's nice to watch something older once in a while.
After it was done we talked about how all the songs in musicals usually arent's all that great.
And if we were to write a musical (what? it could happen!) we'd make it all killers and no fillers.
But i did like some of them, "Aquarius" is good. And "Manchester, England" has been stuck in my head all day.
And this was fun too:

After the movie we watched "Once more, with feeling".
I don't even know how many times we've watched that.
It's always good though!

I wanna be one of those people

Being a B-person (is it even called that in english, you know, a person who can't get up early?) in the winter, in Scandinavia, is pretty horrible.
There's only a few hours of sunligt, and i'm asleep for most of them.
I don't want to be like this, but getting up early is just not a possibility in my world.
So i'm an exellent candidate for winter depression. Yay.
But that's not even what's pissing me off right now.

No, i am pissed about the fact that there was an EARTHQUAKE in Copenhagen early this morning and i slept right through it!
There has only been one recorded earthquake of this size (4.7) in Denmark ever, so it's not likely to happen again anytime soon.

Denmark's head seismologist (or whatever you call that guy?) apparently missed it too.
That's gotta suck.

December 16th

Todays present was underwear.
And it was kind of sheer, so instead of me you get this:

Monday, December 15, 2008

Bonus present day

Allans customer today, James, brought christmas presents.
This was mine, the cutest little rice bowl!
I'm lucky, i know.
Go ahead and hate me.

Today, in the city

I had a doctors appointment in the city earlier and when i was riding my bike to the shop i ran into these guys.
It's such a waste of resources, but i kinda like it anyways.

December 15th

I love books!
This one is Japanese (not IN Japanese, but in English. So i can read it).
Can't wait to get into this one!

You can never go home (the rest of December 14th)

I went back to my parents house. My house.
Like i wrote last week, i had to go help them clean out the attic and determine what should be tossed out and what things i wanted to keep.
None of us actually knew what exactly was up there, we haven't been up there in like 15 years or something.
Think of the spiders! That's all i could think about.

But i'm getting ahead of myself, let's start at the beginning.

The old neighborhood is not a pretty one, at least not this part
Our street
Our wonderful, messy, eccentric, cozy house
Is that new?
The backyard. A dying apple tree with a birdhouse. In the background, the toad castle my mom made for, yeah, the toads!
The two windows on the top left is where i used to live
Our rabbit died many years ago, but her house is still there
I might take this home
My old room, the new owners have started to move their stuff in
My window. My first boyfriend sometimes climbed up on the roof of the garage in the middle of the night to see me and he would stand right there, smoking his hand rolled cigarettes
Only slightly more messy than when they're not moving
This drawer hadn't been cleaned out in about 20 years, the ruler is mine from maybe the 5th grade. And it's broken! That's why i'm giving my mom the "dude, seriously" look. Notice the sweet fanny pack i found. That's a keeper!
My mom made this, and many other crazy things
Toilet lamp
After a helping hand downstairs, it was time for me and my brother to go to the dreaded attic.
It looks bright, but that's just flash.
It was dark, damp, cold and creepy.
And there were way more boxes that any of us had imagined.

Lego, barbie, stuffed animals, clothes, a few unlucky paintings and big bottles from when my folks used to make their own booze. And lot's more! I used a big board to kill anything that moved.
My brother and i don't see each other that often and we actually had fun up there, going through our old crap!
We carried all the boxes down to the garage.
Then came the really hard part: sorting through them and getting rid of stuff.
Something me and my whole family suck at.
But i was surprised to find that i have changed.
I used to feel so guilty throwing stuff out, but there in the garage i turned into this rational, guilt free person.
I could take this toy that i remember playing with and loving, and just throw it in the trash.
I have never been able to do that before.
My brother was all "no, not that one, how could you?" so we agreed he shouldn't look into the trash at all!

Only a few Barbie dolls made it, this one was not one of the lucky few. I wonder if i went through a brief goth phase as a kid?
And what's with the guyliner?

This is what i narrowed all the boxes down to: two small bags of really old clothes (including an awesome now vintage sweater and an old Madonna t-shirt), an old classroom poster with some camels on it, some Russian art books (only loaners, they're my moms), one of my mom's fabric art pieces in a lovely big frame, a photo album, H.C. Andersen's complete works that my mom used to read to me and one big box of toys and treasures from my childhood.
I didn't take pictures of any of the things i'm keeping, i wanna get them home (they're still in the garage) and take some good photos to post here.
There was some awesome things there!

The whole thing only took a few hours, but my parents appreciated the help.
I realize now that i haven't been much help to them in the whole moving process, so helping with the gross stuff is the least i could do.
And i made it through the day without bursting into tears over losing my home.

After we finished we went to a Julefrokost, which in danish means christmas lunch, it's a very danish tradition, that usually involves getting really drunk.
I'm happy this wasn't one of those Julefrokost, this was a family thing at my uncles place and instead of getting wasted i got to hang out with these two guys:

I caught the brothers Larsen during a rare moment of quiet.
The tea set was a gift from my mom, it used to be hers when she was a little girl.
They wore both me and Lucifer out completely, the energy of those two!