Saturday, November 15, 2008

What a day (possibly the last post from Japan this time around)

We spent the whole morning shopping in Shinjuku and Harajuku.
I bought two pairs of very similar boots. I'm such an idiot sometimes.
But one pair had reindeer on them, how am i supposed to fight that?
I'm only human.
But my mom would be proud, i've only bought winter clothes on this trip.
And most of it fuzzy or plaid.

The weather was amazing, like spring

When we came back to Inkrat it was time for my first tattoo of the day.
I have never been tattooed by Toshi before and he freaked me out pretty good before we started by saying things like "hand poke is very, very painful" and "wednesday customer pass out".
Japanese are tough and i'm not, so this caused a mild panic attack.
I haven't been this nervous since my first tattoo.
The lining was done by machine, and usually once i get started the nerves go away, but this time they just got worse cause i didn't know what was coming next.
Turns out it was bad, but not THAT bad!
So i could finally relax in my own little iPod bubble.

Rilakkuma socks
What are they saying about me?
Looks and feels kind of brutal, but then again not?
Cleo (my moms idea) or Møgabe (as my own black goldfish was called way back)
After the first one i decided i might as well get one more.
It wasn't closing time yet, Rei had my drawing ready and we were waiting on Izumi.
So i got me a butterfly too.
The boys think i'm tough, but i'm really not. I can't stand getting tattooed.
Lucky for me, Rei is evil but quick!

Egon! After Cykelmyggen. Danes may see the resemblance?
Thanks Rei and thanks Toshi!
I know you don't read my blog, but in case you do someday, i want you to know that i think you guys are the bestest!
(You too Hata, the castle will get a post too!)

Today, lots of packing, shipping boxes home and another tattoo!
Last day. I still have so much to show you, like pictures from my trip to Kamakura, a garden in Yokohama and me and the guys' trip to Nikko.
Monday will be multiple post day, promise.
Time to go wash the tattoos and get the day started, wish me luck!


  1. Seems like you had a blast in Japan! I'm looking forward to seeing your other pics of Japan!

  2. and here you were complaining that you didnt know if you would get tattooed, and you get 3!!!

    now im jealous!!!

    cant wait to see all your pictures!

  3. those are great tattoos!

    so i see you had to send boxes again, huh? i don't blame you. japan is the best place to go shopping after all.

    have a safe trip back home. but you have to come back soon, okay?

    (and i did see the porcelain man in so-en. funny that one had plaid pants and campers shoes while the one i saw in ginza wears different pants and shoes!)

  4. Det er det jeg altid siger, du ER badass!! De er røvflotte!! Glæder mig til flere billeder, men endnu mere til live udgaven af dem og dig!!

  5. Argg, hvad er det for en pind, han stikker i din fod?! Sådan en har jeg aldrig set, det ser brutalt ud. Men meget sød fisk. Møgabe, siger du? Det kræver vist en forklaring!!

  6. those tattoos are lovely :) xxx

  7. Thanks guys!

    Der er vist ingen forklaring på Møgabe, det endte han bare med at hedde. Men jeg kan huske at han døde af stress da vi skulle genhuses under byfornyelsen. Eller var det Møgabe II? I hvert fald en tragisk historie!