Sunday, November 30, 2008

To the person who stole my bicycle elastic outside the mall today

I understand.
You bought a lot of groceries in Føtex or whereever and it didn't quite fit in the basket.
And there, next to your bike was my bike. With a handy bike elastic on the back carrier.
It looked kind of like this:

So you decided to take it, big deal right?
Only, i was parked right next to the bike shop.
The same bike shop where i bought the elastic thingie in the first place. For 20 kr.
It was closing by the time i came out, but when you stole mine they were still open.
You could have just bought one for yourself, but you for some reason decided you had the right to steal mine.

So fuck you, you assclown.

I hope that when you come home and put the groceries in the fridge, you hit your big toe on the sharp corner of the kitchen table.
And while eating your dinner tonight, i hope you bite the inside of your cheek so hard you won't be able to brush your teeth for a week.
And also, i hope that you step in poop.

Copenhagen, people.
Everything that isn't bolted to the ground is up for grabs.

Ps. There is of course always a chance that it fell off the bike on it's own, but being an elastic with hooks, it's just not very likely is it?


  1. That S-U-C-K-S! Aaaaaaaaargh! zo

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  3. You have my sympathy! Someone once stole my whole bike basket - makes me so mad. Cyclists should stick together!

  4. I hope your bike karma gets better! At least they did not decide to take the whole bike again. :>