Thursday, November 27, 2008


On monday, during my weekly grandfather visit, said grandfather invited me along on a day trip he had planned with my two cousins.
He'd been in kind of a pissy mood that day, so i think he invited me to make up for that.
Whatever the reason, i was happy that he asked and happy to tag along.
The guys were going to Bisserup, to my summerhouse and soon to be permanent residence of my parents, who have sold their house in Copenhagen.
They have been living in construction hell down there for quite some time now, but i haven't been there since august and a lot has happened since then.
The plan is to have it done in time for christmas, which is pretty soon actually.

It was a nice trip down there, and Lucifer loves Bisserup, so he was pleasantly surprised when he found out that was where we were going.
And my mom had made a spectacular lunch for us, yum.

It was nice to skip work and get out of the city for a few hours.

Where the roof is lighter is a whole new building
Bathroom with a view
My parents ordered tiles with their last name without knowing it
When it's done, you won't be able to see which part is new and wich is 200+ years old

So this is my excuse for not blogging for the last few days, hope i'm forgiven.
So, how's everyone been?


  1. good! and glad you are too!
    im excited to see all of my family in the next month.. i really dont see any of them enough..

  2. Det ser heldt vildt lækkert ud! Tag mig med en dag!

  3. Yay for bisserup!!! Marv loves the Bisse!

  4. Wauw!! It really looks marvelous! I can hardly wait to see the final result!! c",)