Saturday, November 22, 2008

A night on the town

I did something last night that i haven't done in a long time.
I left the apartment.
I know, i do that all the time, but pretty much only for work or grocery shopping.
In Japan i have this active life where i do stuff all the time, but in Copenhagen i'm basically a hermit.

Well, last night i went out with my friend Mille and her friend Stine whom i've never met before.
We had dinner at this really trendy restaurant about three minutes from my place.
We had to stand in line outside in the snow to get in.
I didn't even know places like this excised in Cph (i mean i obviously knew the place, but not the popularity of it) and the whole situation felt very SATC.
Especially since Mille had just gotten a facial peeling and on the way to meet us, she ran in to her ex-boyfriend while she was practically glowing.
That never happens, right?

Anyway, the food was not super awesome and very overpriced, but we had a good time.
There were these girls having dinner next to us and when they got their coats and left, they left behind a lot of uneaten food and three almost empty glasses of red wine.
For some reason unknown to all of us, Mille asked us how much we'd pay her to drink the glass of red wine that had the most left in it.
I immediately coughed up 10 kr and Mille drank the whole thing.
I don't know if anyone noticed, but Mille swears one of the waiters saw.
We were laughing and making herpes jokes, when all of a sudden we noticed that their purses and all their stuff was still there.
How did we not see that?
They didn't leave, they just went outside to smoke.
Mille completely panicked and we paid our bill in a hurry and fled the scene laughing our asses off.
When we were outside we peaked in and saw the girl sitting with a glass of water looking puzzled.
I guess you had to be there, but it was hilarious.

After the way-too-trendy place we went to a really cheap bar and got pretty hammered.
Also something i don't do very often.
Of course we had to pick the one place in the city where it's still legal to smoke, but we had a great time anyways.
We drank wine, beer, campari and jägermeister and had "who's the most sick" and "who know the most stupid party tricks" contests.
Sadly i only won the first one.
It was very late when me and Mille went back to my place, so she could borrow some practical footwear for the bike ride home.
And before i went to bed around 5 in the morning i ate a huge shawarma from the kebab place on the corner.

We each made a... thing out of newspaper and kleenex
A witch?Magic of some sortEven though we've known each other since i was born, there are very few pictures of me and Mille together (and sadly, there are still no good ones)We got into a snow fight with some dudes outside the bar (i really throw like a girl, like a weak girl)
Tonight we're going to a show.
And i'll be drinking water all night.


  1. Ha ha ha!! Jeg sidder her og skraldgriner, med tårer løbende ned ad kinderne! Hvor var det alt for sjovt at læse! Gad så godt ha være der, da Mille drak den piges vin!! Det er ornlig humor!! Og lige præcis, det er SATC agtigt at blive peelet og møde sin ex, he he!
    Jeg er dog ikke enig i, at billedet af dig og Mille ikke er godt. Hun (og du) ser fantastiske ud! Hvordan kan hun ikke se en dag ældre ud? Det er mere end 10 år siden jeg har set hende! Hmm, jeg må få nummeret til hendes peeler guy, det må være det der er tricket?
    Håber du er ovre de værste tømmermænd! Poor baby!

  2. I laughed out loud just reading this. Glad to see you had so much fun!!!


  3. hahaha I love this. It's so fun to compare different situations in life to SATC..although.. it doesn't happen to me much at all. Fun none the less.