Thursday, November 20, 2008

Missing Japan...

At least it isn't raining THAT much today.
But still.

I feel a little empty.

Here are some pictures from my solo mission last week to Sankeien Garden in Yokohama.
Solo because Allan was getting tattooed that day.
I didn't know what to do, so Shige suggested the garden, one of his personal favorites.

I found a bus close to the studio that took me there.
It was raining, so there weren't many tourists.
And i was feeling good about being able to ask bus drivers for directions and stuff like that.

It's probably one of the nicest places i've been in Japan.
I'm definitely gonna visit again in the spring.

Pretty little flower bonzai
This house reminded me of Spirited Away, my favorite movie, and i desperately wanted to go inside
I sat on a bench on that bridge for a while until i realized there were big ass spiders everywhere
This part was hard to photograph, but it was magicalOldest pagoda in the Kanto region, or something like that?This area was full of little old Japanese people

I found this cute little cafe inside the park and decided to try something a little different.
That was a big mistake.
I got a thick, way way too sweet, sweet bean soup (not soup!) with rice cakes in it.
Rice cakes which by the way had nothing to do with cake, but tasted like a mix between tofu and chewing gum.
This was served with a special seaweed type tea, that tasted like pure sea water, salty as fuck.
I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty gross.
And all around me people were eating delicious udon and stuff like that.
Damn my curiosity.

Mistake of the day, but down it went, i never want to be the picky gaijin

As i was near the exit i got a text from Allan who had the munchies and needed some food.
So i headed back to the studio.

Allan took this one of himself, i think it's cute


  1. Ya' that house looks EXACTLY like spirited away, right? And the bamboo forrest (is it bamboo? no, just trees?) is such a gorgeous shot! but anyway, it reminds me of the fight scene in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon with Michelle Yeoh... glad you are back blogging. :) zo

  2. SMUKKE billeder! Og hvor cool er du, at du kan spørge om vej på japansk? Respekt! Dér!

  3. I like red bean soup with mochi but not so much kobu cha, or at least I assume that's what you had. I have to be really thirsty to want it. That's definitely an acquired taste.

    Great photos. Sure looks like a beautiful place.

  4. beautiful pics i really gotta get to japan sometme

  5. thank you for not posting pictures of the big ass spiders!!

  6. Jeg ville ellers gerne have set edderkopper!! Det ser ud som et helt vidunderfuldt sted; dejlige billeder.

  7. Det ligner det vildeste ninja landskab.. Sådan et sted man kan sidde under et knudret træ i et par årtier og overveje verdens situationen.

  8. Haha, det var mega ninja!

    Ok Fie, der er faktisk edderkoppe billeder, selvom jeg næsten bliver lidt dårlig af at kigge på dem. De var gule! Jeg skal nok prøve at uploade et uden at besvime!

    Yes, they are bamboo. I noticed a lot of the older gentlemen there would tap them with an umbrella for some reason? It does make a nice sound.

    Ai, i had a feeling you'd like it! Maybe i could have handled it better before i stopped putting sugar in everything, but it was just so sweet! And hot, i burned my tongue on it a lot!

  9. Søøøøøde Malle i magiske Japaaaanerland hvor aaaaaalt kan ske!!! Pas pååååå der kan komme en drage eller andre sjoooooove dyr!!
    Ååååh Malle på eventyr!!

    Skal synges!

  10. Jeg er med Fie! Jeg vil også se edderkopper! Om ikke andet, så for at sidde og råbe "Addvrr, hvor er de ulækre!!!"

  11. awww, Spirited Away is one of my favourites too! :)

    maybe the big-ass spiders were soot sprites?

    i want to go to the ghibli museum!!! xxx

  12. I always miss the ghibli museum cause you have to roder tickets months in advance. I forget and say "next time"! It's only three stations from my area too!

  13. Oh my. I wish I could beam myself there and then bring that whole place back here with me to my backyard. Spirited Away, yes! Have you seen My Neighbor Totoro? I wanted to remodel our house to be like the one in that movie. I can't decide which movie I like better, guess it depends on my mood.

  14. I haven't seen all of Totoro ever. I know, i suck! And i'm a total Miyazaki fan too. I'll get right on it!