Saturday, November 8, 2008

Like whoa, unexpected internet!

Ok, so i guess it's back?
At least for now, so i'm just gonna hurry the hell up and post some pictures.

Me and Ai met up at the National Museum of Western Art in Ueno yesterday to see the Vilhelm Hammershøi exhibit.
I hadn't seen much of his work before, but it was lovely.

After the museum we hopped on a train to Ebisu in search of this really good cafe called Hoco.

On our way there we met a gang of Shiba's.
There it isAi, thinking of cake? I know i was
A two course home made dessert menu. Awesome. When Ai get's back home she'll post better pictures of this, so check her blog too

At Ebisu station we went looking for some wine for Ai's friend. At this shop there was no wine, but we did find the infamous ridiculously expensive gift fruit.

... and then something amazing happened. Or at least we thought it was amazing.
We were still looking for wine and this guy hands us a wine sample.
And then he points to this tall, white dude and tells Ai in Japanese that it's his wine.
Turns out that the chief wine maker of Jacob's Creek is making an appearance at Ebisu station between 5 and 8 that evening only.
How weird is that?
We had to get our picture taken with him.
And Ai bought his wine. Which was very good.

Another wonderful, and unnaturally warm, day in Tokyo.
I feel so lucky to have such good friends here. Friends who buy me cake.

Ps. The jumpsuit thingie i'm wearing in the picture is soooo comfortable and awesome.
I love shopping in Tokyo.


  1. shopping. food. warm weather. friends.
    sounds divine!

  2. what a fantastic day you had (and hey, cool glasses!). yay for internet...:) zo

  3. i found this by chance.

    and i stole a couple of photos from you. hope you won't mind. you can steal mine of yours if you like :-)

  4. There's our guy!

    Steal whatever you want.
    Even pictures that have absolutely nothing to do with you, you can steal them too!

  5. You are very lucky - wonderful place(Tokyo), great food(hoco) and the coolest friend. (Yeah, Ai!)

  6. Hi Ken!!
    Yes, i am super lucky, i know!