Friday, November 28, 2008

Fredags hygge (sorry, i can't translate this one for you)

Friday at the shop.
It usually means more customers (or more random people who come by and ask questions is more like it).
Today was no exeption.
But besides telling people how to book appointments and how long they'd have to wait before getting tattooed, i didn't get much work done.

That's because my friend Helle dropped by for a visit.
About time, we've been trying to meet up since way before Japan.
She brought muffins (yay) and presents (even more yay)!
And of course her almost new baby, Calvin.
I'm still not used to having friends with babies (maybe i've avoided the situation simply by not having that many friends?) but this little guy is pretty cool.

Look at them, pretty cute huh?
Muffins on a reindeer plate next to a reindeer lantern! Thanks Hellemus!
I'm not scared of no babies

Helle has a blog too (yeah, don't we all?), so if you understand danish, or enjoy looking at pictures from beautiful Copenhagen, go check it out.


  1. I love the name Calvin! I want a little boy named Kingsley. So regal :) You're lucky to have friends who just randomly bring you cakes and muffins!

  2. I know, i am pretty lucky!
    And the name Kingsley is so cool, i've only ever seen it as a last name (as in Sir Ben) but it totally works as a first name too.