Sunday, November 30, 2008

Why i was even at the mall in the first place

To buy shoes of course!
I saw these in a magazine on the flight to japan.
I decided then, that i would have to buy the when i came back.
And what do you know, they were 30% off now!

I like a chunky heel
And room for socks, i like that too

To the person who stole my bicycle elastic outside the mall today

I understand.
You bought a lot of groceries in Føtex or whereever and it didn't quite fit in the basket.
And there, next to your bike was my bike. With a handy bike elastic on the back carrier.
It looked kind of like this:

So you decided to take it, big deal right?
Only, i was parked right next to the bike shop.
The same bike shop where i bought the elastic thingie in the first place. For 20 kr.
It was closing by the time i came out, but when you stole mine they were still open.
You could have just bought one for yourself, but you for some reason decided you had the right to steal mine.

So fuck you, you assclown.

I hope that when you come home and put the groceries in the fridge, you hit your big toe on the sharp corner of the kitchen table.
And while eating your dinner tonight, i hope you bite the inside of your cheek so hard you won't be able to brush your teeth for a week.
And also, i hope that you step in poop.

Copenhagen, people.
Everything that isn't bolted to the ground is up for grabs.

Ps. There is of course always a chance that it fell off the bike on it's own, but being an elastic with hooks, it's just not very likely is it?


Yesterday i spent the day helping my friend Ulla move back to Cph after seven looong years in Odense.
I have really missed having her around, so it was a big day.

She got a room in this huge big apartment on Østerbro she'll be sharing with 8 other people.
It was on the 5th floor (that's 6th floor for japanese readers) so my legs are killing me today.
Ulla's brother was a trooper though, and carried most of the heavy stuff.

It rained all day, but i was on my bike anyway.
It's faster, and i wanted to know exactly how long it takes from my place to Ulla's (the answer is 19 minutes).
My clothes hadn't dried completely by the time i went home, so the ride back was even ickier than the ride over there.

But when i came home there was a surprise waiting.
Allan made a gift calendar for me!
He has not done one of those in years, so i was truly surprised.
And super excited!

Gift calendars (or pakkekalender as they're called in danish) are pretty normal over here.
The deal is that you get a small gift every day all through december.
It's a good way to get into the christmas mood, i'll tell ya.
Today is the 30th, so tomorrow i can open the first one.

24 goodies waiting for me to open them
I have, like the best husband ever.
All this and he has great hair too.

They grow up so fast

In just a few weeks this has turned into this:

And a closer look
Amazing. The second leaf grew out in an afternoon.
When it's big enough i'm gonna find a nice spot here on Vesterbro and make the city a little greener.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Wish you were here?

Copenhagen is cold, dark and grey today.

This morning (well, morning for me at least) outside the postoffice
A closer look

Fredags hygge (sorry, i can't translate this one for you)

Friday at the shop.
It usually means more customers (or more random people who come by and ask questions is more like it).
Today was no exeption.
But besides telling people how to book appointments and how long they'd have to wait before getting tattooed, i didn't get much work done.

That's because my friend Helle dropped by for a visit.
About time, we've been trying to meet up since way before Japan.
She brought muffins (yay) and presents (even more yay)!
And of course her almost new baby, Calvin.
I'm still not used to having friends with babies (maybe i've avoided the situation simply by not having that many friends?) but this little guy is pretty cool.

Look at them, pretty cute huh?
Muffins on a reindeer plate next to a reindeer lantern! Thanks Hellemus!
I'm not scared of no babies

Helle has a blog too (yeah, don't we all?), so if you understand danish, or enjoy looking at pictures from beautiful Copenhagen, go check it out.


Allan just got some films developed and among them was a lomo film i took well over a year ago, and forgot about.
I scanned a few of them, most of them are from the dog park last fall.

My bike, before the mere dislike turned to hate
My little guy, running towards the camera
I really like this one
I don't know who this guy is, but he's cute and he likes a flat football
Martin and AllanLondon, last years convention (that's how i figured out how old the film actually was)

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Last night i fell asleep on the couch.
When i woke up it was 3.30 in the morning and time to go to bed, for real.
For a long time i couldn't sleep, of course.
Instead i was lying awake for hours, thinking about stuff to do at the shop, travel plans and what it would be like to have a large pet crab who insisted on sleeping under the covers just like Lucifer (not pleasant was my conclusion).
At this point i suspect i was maybe falling asleep a little.

Anyway, i've been having nightmares all night.
Two very long ones, to be exact.
I'm not gonna get into the specifics, but they were nasty, like bad horror movies.
The first one was particularly bad.
The second one was scary, but at least it was set in a city with really interesting architecture.

This morning i just felt like crap, it's like they're still there you know?

When i was a kid, i had so many nightmares it was almost like a disease.
Scared the crap out of my parents i could imagine.
I would walk and talk in my sleep too.
I don't enjoy being reminded of those days.


This morning there was a small electrical car outside our door.
It was pretty cute.
And how cute is Lucifers's new sweater?


On monday, during my weekly grandfather visit, said grandfather invited me along on a day trip he had planned with my two cousins.
He'd been in kind of a pissy mood that day, so i think he invited me to make up for that.
Whatever the reason, i was happy that he asked and happy to tag along.
The guys were going to Bisserup, to my summerhouse and soon to be permanent residence of my parents, who have sold their house in Copenhagen.
They have been living in construction hell down there for quite some time now, but i haven't been there since august and a lot has happened since then.
The plan is to have it done in time for christmas, which is pretty soon actually.

It was a nice trip down there, and Lucifer loves Bisserup, so he was pleasantly surprised when he found out that was where we were going.
And my mom had made a spectacular lunch for us, yum.

It was nice to skip work and get out of the city for a few hours.

Where the roof is lighter is a whole new building
Bathroom with a view
My parents ordered tiles with their last name without knowing it
When it's done, you won't be able to see which part is new and wich is 200+ years old

So this is my excuse for not blogging for the last few days, hope i'm forgiven.
So, how's everyone been?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I feel like i just found 10 kr. on the sidewalk

So, i was just looking for a picture of an older looking Joan Collins to prove a point to a reader (my point being, that i think Joan always feels pretty damn fabulous!), but then i came across this amazing piece of blog goodness that i had to share:

Celebrities on Yachts

It's a blog. About celebrities. On yachts.
Isn't that amazing?
Here's a post example:

"Here is an image of Amy Winehouse the music singer enjoying a spot of boatting with her boyfriend. Don’t they look happy. Amy has also been seen on a motor boat called Moby Dick."

And then there's an older photo of Amy not looking so much like a crackhead as she currently does.
That's it!

I'm sorry, i wasn't even gonna post right now, but i just had to share.

Ps. Tekkonkinkreet was really good!

Is it over, can i relax now?

Last night, after spending most of my day trying to get rid of a hangover, we went to Loppen to see Martin play with Trolle//Siebenhaar, his latest project.

I wore a vintage skirt with a cheap shirt, cardigan and tights, all from Japan. The shoes are from Topshop

I was going for secretary chic, but i probably just looked like a tired librarian.
At least my heels were really high.

I actually think i looked ok, but by the look of the crowd at Loppen, i'm not, nor will i ever be, considered trendy in this town.
I knew this before last night and i'm very ok with it, of course.
I know that i am too cheap and lazy to ever become a fashionista.
Also, to be considered a person of great personal style and taste in this town, you apparently have to dress like you're high on Xanax and dirty martinis in Joan Collins' walk in closet circa 1982, and you just couldn't be bothered to find the light switch.
Seriously, what's considered good taste in Cph can make even the most beautiful girl look like crap.
I mean, jodhpurs with tapered ankles AND zippers? Really?

But forget the fashion rant, Martin and Ane (his partner in crime) were amazing.
Like, on fire!
And all the little kids up front knew all the lyrics, it was heart warming to see.

Here's Martin, my best friend since age 16, and Allan, my wonderful husband, backstage minutes before the show
My camera isn't really that awesome for concert photos, so go check Allan's blog, i'm sure he'll post some better shots soon
Tonight, food and Tekkonkinkreet on the couch.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

What to do on a saturday when you're hungover and have no tv

You know it, trailers.

Todays recommendations come in genres.

First, India:
Heaven On Earth
I loooove Preity Zinta

Slumdog Millionaire
What, no Amitabh Bachan?

Then sci-fi:
The trailer is actually not that great, but i think the movie might be

Then a little bit of treehuggin' docu-goodness:
Yeah, let's save the planet people!

And last comes drama:
The Wrestler
Could be really great if you can ignore the thing that used to be Mickey Rourkes face


A night on the town

I did something last night that i haven't done in a long time.
I left the apartment.
I know, i do that all the time, but pretty much only for work or grocery shopping.
In Japan i have this active life where i do stuff all the time, but in Copenhagen i'm basically a hermit.

Well, last night i went out with my friend Mille and her friend Stine whom i've never met before.
We had dinner at this really trendy restaurant about three minutes from my place.
We had to stand in line outside in the snow to get in.
I didn't even know places like this excised in Cph (i mean i obviously knew the place, but not the popularity of it) and the whole situation felt very SATC.
Especially since Mille had just gotten a facial peeling and on the way to meet us, she ran in to her ex-boyfriend while she was practically glowing.
That never happens, right?

Anyway, the food was not super awesome and very overpriced, but we had a good time.
There were these girls having dinner next to us and when they got their coats and left, they left behind a lot of uneaten food and three almost empty glasses of red wine.
For some reason unknown to all of us, Mille asked us how much we'd pay her to drink the glass of red wine that had the most left in it.
I immediately coughed up 10 kr and Mille drank the whole thing.
I don't know if anyone noticed, but Mille swears one of the waiters saw.
We were laughing and making herpes jokes, when all of a sudden we noticed that their purses and all their stuff was still there.
How did we not see that?
They didn't leave, they just went outside to smoke.
Mille completely panicked and we paid our bill in a hurry and fled the scene laughing our asses off.
When we were outside we peaked in and saw the girl sitting with a glass of water looking puzzled.
I guess you had to be there, but it was hilarious.

After the way-too-trendy place we went to a really cheap bar and got pretty hammered.
Also something i don't do very often.
Of course we had to pick the one place in the city where it's still legal to smoke, but we had a great time anyways.
We drank wine, beer, campari and jägermeister and had "who's the most sick" and "who know the most stupid party tricks" contests.
Sadly i only won the first one.
It was very late when me and Mille went back to my place, so she could borrow some practical footwear for the bike ride home.
And before i went to bed around 5 in the morning i ate a huge shawarma from the kebab place on the corner.

We each made a... thing out of newspaper and kleenex
A witch?Magic of some sortEven though we've known each other since i was born, there are very few pictures of me and Mille together (and sadly, there are still no good ones)We got into a snow fight with some dudes outside the bar (i really throw like a girl, like a weak girl)
Tonight we're going to a show.
And i'll be drinking water all night.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Still snowing, sort of

We just went for a long walk by the lake.
It was snowing, then it turned to hail, then snow again.
It's not staying though, it melts right away.

Lucifers new sweater from Japan
No makeup and a red nose is not really a good look for anyone, but the hat is nice
I've sewn some trim on the hood and sleeves of this coat.
I think it helps a lot.

Releasing the inner nerd

Wow, the place is a total mess.
Since i'm home i should probably do something about that.
Or not.

This was taken the day before yesterday.
It's been a while since the last wardrobe post.
Lucifer ruined my sweater by the way, with his stupid claws.
I found it in the trash, so it's gonna be hard to replace.

The pants are Etnies, i bought them in California a couple of years ago.
Back then they were too tight and now they're a little too lose.
Damn yoyo weight.
But i like them lose i think, makes them look like boy pants.

Get those awesome totally un-nerdy slippers here: Sids Tattoo Parlor

Fuck it, i'm staying home today

We only have one client today and he's coming in late.
And it's snowing.
Yeah, you heard me.
I have to go out in it real soon, the dog needs walking.
Looks nice though. It always does at first.

Allan eating snow about 10 minutes ago (except you can't see the snow...)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Missing Japan...

At least it isn't raining THAT much today.
But still.

I feel a little empty.

Here are some pictures from my solo mission last week to Sankeien Garden in Yokohama.
Solo because Allan was getting tattooed that day.
I didn't know what to do, so Shige suggested the garden, one of his personal favorites.

I found a bus close to the studio that took me there.
It was raining, so there weren't many tourists.
And i was feeling good about being able to ask bus drivers for directions and stuff like that.

It's probably one of the nicest places i've been in Japan.
I'm definitely gonna visit again in the spring.

Pretty little flower bonzai
This house reminded me of Spirited Away, my favorite movie, and i desperately wanted to go inside
I sat on a bench on that bridge for a while until i realized there were big ass spiders everywhere
This part was hard to photograph, but it was magicalOldest pagoda in the Kanto region, or something like that?This area was full of little old Japanese people

I found this cute little cafe inside the park and decided to try something a little different.
That was a big mistake.
I got a thick, way way too sweet, sweet bean soup (not soup!) with rice cakes in it.
Rice cakes which by the way had nothing to do with cake, but tasted like a mix between tofu and chewing gum.
This was served with a special seaweed type tea, that tasted like pure sea water, salty as fuck.
I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty gross.
And all around me people were eating delicious udon and stuff like that.
Damn my curiosity.

Mistake of the day, but down it went, i never want to be the picky gaijin

As i was near the exit i got a text from Allan who had the munchies and needed some food.
So i headed back to the studio.

Allan took this one of himself, i think it's cute