Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trailer night

Since i have no tv and i can't seem to get to work on Allan's mac, tonight is trailer night.

I love trailers, always have. They're nice and short. I love that about them.
But they can be really annoying too.
They add so much drama to make the story of the movie seem like the most triumphant/touching/funniest story ever told.
And often a deep, manly voice will tell you how the person you're watching overcame tremendous odds, stood alone against his opressors and possibly saved the world.
That is of course not always the case.

But they're a nice alternative to watching tv, and sometimes they'll even lead to a good movie experience.

Ok, so here are tonights recommendations:

Sunshine Cleaning
Looks like a nice little feel good movie and i like Amy Adams.

Zach and Miri make a porno
I love, love, love Kevin Smith, so i've been looking forward to this one for a while.
Love him.

The Soloist
Pure emotional porn.
While watching the trailer i felt manipulated, it almost made me cry a little.
I'm feeling sensitive today.

Humboldt County
I'm very out of touch with life in the city these days.
Maybe that's why i liked this one?
Or maybe i just like stoners?

The Pool
Because i love India in a way i'll never love anything or anywhere else.

Sometimes i like Sean Penn. But most of the time i hate him.
But he's a good actor and he seems to be extra good in this one.
And the story is pretty darn relevant right now.

Aaaand, just one that looked really cheesy:

The International
I could be wrong, maybe it's a brilliant movie. But somehow i doubt it.
If you wanna see Clive Owen run a lot, go rent The Children of Men instead.


  1. trailer nite thats awesome, we sort of do that every few months watch like 25 of em' thanks for the list ill chek em out

  2. Argh, jeg elsker trailere. Jeg bliver så skuffet når jeg endelig går i biografen og der kun bliver vist en eller to. Jeg vil have mindst ti! Der burde være en biograf hvor man kunne gå ind kun for at se trailere. De er tit bedre end filmen anyway :) Jeg må se de der når jeg kommer hjem til Korea.
    Jeg var iøvrigt i Inkrat igår og blive tattoveret! De var godt nok søde, så det var en rigtig god oplevelse.

  3. Jeg har det på samma måde, hvis jeg kommer for sent til trailerne kan jeg ligeså godt gå hjem, for hele biograf oplevelsen er alligevel ødelagt!
    Jeg mener det var Kevin Smith der for mange år siden samlede sine yndlings trailere og viste dem i en biograf i Jersey... der ville jeg godt have været med!

    Iiiihh, hvad fik du lavet hos Inrat? Og var det Rei eller Hata? Eller Toshi?
    De har fået bygget helt om siden vi var der sidst, så jeg er meget spændt på at se hvad de har fundet på.
    Vi skal derover den 31. og jeg glæder mig så meget til at se dem allesammen igen, de er så dejlige!

  4. Cool, thanx for the trailer, I love trailers too, always have....

    Hey, November you said? You and Allan are coming over to Japan? I will be in Nepal all November for a Everest base camp trek. Then over to Thailand for part 2 of my elephant photo thing (whatever it will be someday...). So it looke like I will miss you this time....if...if you are not in San Jose next weekend. I'll head over there for a job for Tattoo Burst.

    Later, best to U.A