Friday, October 24, 2008

Last night in Yvoire

On our last night in France i decided to go for an evening stroll by myself.
I went down to the old harbor and i just couldn't have had better timing.
This old couple were feeding the birds leftover fish, buckets of it, and every gull, duck and swan in the village were invited.

I was just standing there, in the middle of this inferno of wings and high pitched shrieks and it was amazing.
I took pictures of course, but it was just so hard to capture what was going on in the dark.
In the pictures it looks like there's a couple of birds, but there were hundreds or more.
I counted seven Grey Herons, one of my favorite birds.
They were the least aggressive of the bunch, just kind of hanging out in the background.


  1. OH MY GOSH! That first one is MAGNIFICENT!!!! LIke a painting! zo

  2. Those three herons look so dignified - almost majestic. As if
    they say to the greedy gulls: "Now, now children! Don't make such a fuss! Surely, there'll be enough for all of us!" c",)

  3. It was even prettier there, i wish i'd had the fancy camera with me.

    The herons might have been thinking just that... or maybe just "gulls, bloody gulls. Everywhere i look, gulls"?

  4. u get to see some of the coolest shit great pics