Saturday, October 25, 2008

I think...

I wanna get my back done when we return from Japan.
I don't know how that's gonna work, i am such a friggin wuss.
And Allan will probably kill/divorce me before it's done.
But i want it!

Also, don't know what to get.
That could be a problem too.

But mainly the part where i can't stand pain.


  1. yeah im not going to lie to you... it sucks ass. every last inch of it..

    is Allan light handed? I would say Steve is average..

  2. See, you're tough and you hated it!
    I'm probably gonna die...
    I'd say Allan is moderate, not exactly lighthanded. Sadly.

  3. hi nice to meet u!
    if you like tokyo. check my blog Good morning Tokyo!


  4. I'm having a japanese turtlesuit, so having my ass and thighs done too! and I am PETRIFIED to start it!

    make allan give you kisses and make you cake and it shouldnt be that bad :)

  5. kisses, cake, drugs and tea! :)

  6. do you have nyquil over there? cause that was my secret ingredient.. it still hurt but i was so drowsy and almost asleep the whole time it didnt matter...

  7. Nyquil, huh?
    We don't have it here, but i usually buy a crapload when we're in the states (along with bactine, another good tattoo trick!)
    I'll try that!

  8. its so great! ill tell ya all about it when i see ya!

  9. also, allan being moderate does not bode well for my stomach... ill be sure to pack lots of nyquil for me too...