Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday at the shop

It's a little crowded here today.
Not in a bad way, i'm just not used to having this many people, and their stuff, here.
Nick's customer brought like four friends.
I never really understood that...

When i get tattooed i prefer to be alone.
I'm not comfortable with having a bunch of people stare at me while i pretend it's not that bad.
Cause it is that bad.
For me anyways.
And that's also the reason i never get tattooed at conventions.
Yesterday we rearranged the sterilization room and one of our treasured customers made a new table for the autoclave, something i'm way too excited about now that i think about it.
Oh well, whatever makes scrubbing tubes more tolerable is a good thing right?

Tonight, more blogging. I'm gonna be home alone. And very probably bored.
So if you are too, stay on this channel.


  1. Girl with bird hat. <3
    Friday night at home? Um, that's the usual 'round here. Showed your fab image of the Albino peacock to some kids yesterday. So great. And you DO seem genuinely too excited about that new autoclave table. :)

  2. I think it's unusual around here too...
    I'm a big ol' nerd, what can i say.
    And about the table, i am easily amused!
    Glad to hear you're diggin' the peacock too, i gotta find a zoo that has one, it's my new mission to see one in real life!

  3. Ive never seen a white peacock, but i have pictures of a black swan somewhere.. (from oz)

    I generally spend every friday at home alone. go me! i am like, captain excitement. maybe we can make fridays, craft fridays.. haha!

    i also like to be alone getting tattooed. but i dont try to make it look like it doesnt hurt. im doing being brave and tough. i think ive earned the right to make faces now.

    also, getting tattooed at conventions sucks. people just want to talk to you. 'does it hurt?' honestly?!? you at a friggin tattoo convention and youre asking me if it hurts??! go to hell.

  4. I don't have any tattoos. I wanted one when I was younger (a fleur-de-lis pattern I thought was beautiful that was in an iron fence I would pass everyday in NYC) but I never did it. But I think I'd want to be alone...and I'm a wimp anyway, don't think I'd want people around to see me uncomfortable.

    But anyway, Princessa, you misread me. I said that staying home on Friday night IS the usual around here. Sad but true. :) You didn't post again, so hopefully you found something fun to pass the time!

  5. Whoops, sorry.
    Well, here everyone parties like teenagers till... well till they physically can't anymore.
    So wednesday to sunday is non stop partying for a lot of people in this city.
    Going out too much is kinda sad in a way too.

    Allan came home early and we ate a bunch of icecream and fooled around on the couch.
    So not a bad friday after all!

    Corey, craft fridays sounds like the best idea ever!
    Get over here already!

  6. Hey hvaaaad, jeg vil også være med.

    I can play the birds with wrong colors game too!

  7. Ok, jeg kan ikke toppe en blå fasan!!