Monday, October 27, 2008

The family album part one

Today i went to see my grandfather.
While i was there i found two adorable little photo albums.
I borrowed them, so that i could scan the photos.
All photos are pre-me, they go up to about 1976 i think, but i know most people in them.

Looking at photos like these make me so happy, but in the saddest way.
It almost feels like i'm looking at strangers' photos, like the ones you find an antique shop of people who are long gone.
And you buy them just for the frame.
Time goes by so fast.

This first one is of my aunt, she's the one on the left.
She died of cancer when i was about 10.
I remember her being sweet, not using enough salt when cooking, but mostly i remember how losing their sister and daughter hurt my mom and grandfather.
The day she died, a day i remember very well, my cousin came by to pick me up and he wouldn't say why.
And even though i knew she was very sick i never suspected that's why he came to get me.
Naive, but death was just never natural for me. Still isn't.
I was devastated, like everyone else, but then some neighbors of my aunt and uncle took me to their house and showed me their angora rabbits.

My mom always say i look like her.

This next one is of my brother and my dad.

My parents built a lot of things out of old beer crates.

Here's another one of those inventions.

This tree outside my grandfathers apartment window was cut down just a few weeks ago.
He said he remembered them being planted in the 30's, so he was sad to see it go.
I don't know if the year is correct, but he's probably not too far off.

This is from Bisserup.
It looked so different back then.
Don't you just love the colours of old photos?
(With the exception of you Matthias, should you be reading this. Please don't kill yourself).

That's my brother, Tobias.
Looks like he's taking a poop in our kitchen.
Always a gentleman, that one.

This is (from left to right) my cousin Nikolaj, my grandmother Else, my brother, and my cousin Rasmus.

Rasmus and Tobias

Looks like this is also my grandmother, wife of my only surviving grandparent.
The fabric of her dress has also been used for pillows, that are now in my room in Bisserup.
I have the bracelet she's wearing.

She looks like such a badass, smoking that cigar.

It feels weird, posting these.
Like i'm not supposed to.
I just my wanna make sure they're out there, and they won't become just another nameless pile of photos at a flea market.
We'll all be that someday i guess, but i want them to be...
I don't know.

More pictures later.


  1. du er så sød og din blog er så god og jeg er glad for at være din mand!


  2. Meget meget meget fint indlæg. Kæmpe love herfra!

  3. wonderful and wonderfully old photos.

    i do this, too, sometimes when i go back to my parents. it brings me to tears to see the young version of my mother for some reason. so i think i know what you mean.

  4. wow, whats wrong with me? you actually made me weepy there! I am so going to get out my photo box and find the old ones from my parents and grandparents and share them now!

  5. you do look like her, from photos/internet anyway. and hurrah for the fact you paused a little, and cannot explain exactly what you want from these. grandma's dress pillow and babies in beer crate sleds are...well, thanks for sharing. brava. zo

  6. Uj, seje billeder. Jeg kigger også altid på mine forældres billeder når jeg er hjemme. Og så undrer jeg mig over hvad der blev af de unge mennesker, som var så seje og fremadtænkende og hippie-loose. Det er lidt svært at forene de to, nogle gange. Min far var nærmest en hottie!

  7. u look like your aunt really!
    and your grandma look like mine(my mom's) she is harf japanese.

    nice blog :) thanks!

  8. Thanks you guys. For the nice words and for making me feel like we're all connected somehow.
    It's nice.
    I hope you'll all post some grainy old family photos on your blogs too!