Friday, October 17, 2008

Evian, you know, like the water

The Swiss like watches.
I mean the really like them.
I've never seen so many ads for watches, and ads for museums with exhibitions about watches, in my life.
But this one, at the airport, is pretty sweet.

We rented a car in Geneva and drove to Evian.
It was a beautiful trip, the many colors of fall are stunning here.
And there where a lot of cute houses too.

Evian is famous for it's water, but maybe it should be famous for it's super ginormous leaves?
Our hotel.
More freakishly large foliage.
Our room has a balcony. Nice.
If your chien makes le pou pou you should pick it up, non?
It tastes better here.
The town is great. There's a lovely lake view and i'm just really enjoying being someplace new.
And Nick really loves translating for us, so we don't even have to make an efford to talk to people.

We had dinner with Jesse, Igl and Bernie, whom we'll be sharing a booth with this weekend.
I'm sure Nick is gonna blog about the wonders of the cheese fondue we ate, so check out the Plog too.

We already set up at the convention, so we're ready to work tomorrow.
We forgot our banners at home. Ogh well, it'll be fine.
Maybe more bloggins tomorrow. They close early, so i might have time.


  1. So groovy. The leaves are amazing, like alternate-universe big; big enough for a hat, or a bowl, or even an Eve Costume for plus sized woman. And hooray also for the holga (and the holga post). zo

  2. I loved my 3 days in Switzerland. I think we landed in Zurich and trained to Lucerne. Its so pretty there! And yes, cute houses!!

    Hope you have a great time!! Your posts are what make me want to leave sooner rather than later, despite money or anything else. Curse you and your lovely photos!!!

  3. shows what i know i thought evien was in france ,ignorant american rite

  4. shows what i know i thought evien was in france ,ignorant american rite

  5. No, no Chris, you're fine, Evian IS in France, we just landed in Geneva and drove across the border.
    Sorry for not being clear about that.

  6. I am so jealous of your travels! But I am lad you choose to share them with all of us. :>