Sunday, October 12, 2008

Completely irrelevant to most, but...

I just saw this apprentice on myspace who put out a sketchbook already.
A kid. Who's an apprentice.
And has a sketchbook for sale. On his myspace.

Like really, you're that awesome already?
(That would be one of them rhetorical questions for ya).

Man, i don't even know anymore.


  1. its all about self promotion! getting the word out there! it no longer matters if you are good, just as long as people know who you are!

    didnt you get the memo?

    you'll understand when you start hearing people say, "check out my corey madsen piece! i got it done by THE corey madsen!!"

    excuse me, i have to go whip up a sketch book now and start posting about it...

  2. Shyte. I'd promised myself I wouldn't post on your blog today...give others a chance but THIS topic? I can't stand down. MONEY. MONEY. MONEY. WHAT DOES MONEY HAVE TO DO WITH ART? NOTHING. But what does money have to with the Art World? Everything. The apprentice sounds like he hasn't found a patron. I don't know what kind of old-school apprentice would be allowed by the master to sell his stuff, or what kind of apprentice wouldn't need his sketches for future reference??? The kind artist who is interested in selling his work so soon is the kind of artist I don't want to buy. This topic fires me up...I could go on for days. And ps. I am an artist and no one knows who I am, and I have tons of work in my basement/ hate to part with certain work so consider the source.

  3. Thanks you guys, i'm glad you get where i'm coming from.

    The apprentices who think they're hot shit obviously aren't the only problems.
    A lot of the people they apprentice under just see them as free labour and couldn't care less about their abilities.
    I swear at least every other friend request i get on the shop profile is from a new tattooer/apprentice.
    There are so many of them and 98% of them are just in it for the potential fame. Who cares if they have something to offer the world, right?

    Now i have no issues with people who promote and sell their work.
    But you somehow gotta earn it first.
    You have to make a name for yourself, not make one up. If that even makes any sense.

    My husband, who's a pretty decent tattooer, hasn't even done a sketchbook yet. And it's not because it wouldn't sell or that he has no offers from publishers.
    If he was half as hungry for fame and fortune as these kids, he would be on sketchbook no. 15 already.

    Now, with that being said, i gotta go pre-order THE Corey Madsens new sketchbook.

  4. It will be off the press soon. i am THAT good. working on book 2.

    also waiting for my tattoo machine to come in that i ordered from a magazine. im going to teach myself on my friends and charge full price!

  5. It's not just the person selling the book who needs a good slapping - it's anyone foolish enough to part with hard-earned cash to buy one of the damn things!

  6. Amen to that!

    There are so many talented people out there, why choose to buy a sketchbook or get tattooed by a complete amateur?

  7. leaves more room in the appointments books of the good people for the rest of us?

    i cant tell you how many times i have brought up someone good, only to be met with blank faces. but they all know who some other big names are, who arent even that good *cough*katvond*cough*.. its all publicity..