Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Been here for a couple of days now.
Our guesthouse is supposed to have wifi, but it's not really working at the moment.
But that's ok, Alfredo who runs the place is so sweet that i don't wanna complain.
Right now i'm blogging on my phone at Magnum Opus.
So this will be short.
I have a bunch of pictures. But i think it will have to wait until we get back home.
Ok, i guess that's it for now, just wanted to let you know that i'm still alive.


  1. Phew! Godt at høre fra dig. Var ved at blive bekymret! Glæder os til at trille forbi jer når I kommer hjem! Hils!!

  2. Hov, tykke pølser trykker løs inden jeg fik skrevet 'elle' efter h'et! Nåå, jeg gætter på du ved hvem jeg er..

  3. hope the convention was fun, chris ,usa

  4. yay! i was getting worried! :)
    cant wait to see the pics!

  5. i'm with corey. i was getting worried, too! (or at least bored. :) but i want to comment on your plastic bag post again. the second i got done reading & commenting on it, i went for a walk with my artist friend, X (who for O.C.D. disclosure reasons will remain just X). I told her about your blog and folding the bags. She told me she'd just got done ironing bags together to make drawing surfaces. She put the bags on the ironing board, parchment paper & then the iron & fused the bags to each other, one by one. I'm beside myself...? What's a slovenly girl to do? Oh well, try to have fun in England!! Cheers. zo