Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Brighton, now with photographic evidence

The famous pier, very windy out there
The view from our room
Where do i get a sticker like this for my shop?
I went to the museum a lot
That there's a fancy building
Also from our room
A very famous trailer apparently
This is how i decide if i wanna buy something. Mirrors lie, my camera doesn't (so much)
One of many cute little streets with cute little houses on it
Lunch, at one of the many good caf├ęs and restaurants in Brighton
We went out for vegetarian bangers & mash with Matt and Steph, it was the brownest meal i've ever had
I wanted this guy to be my friend, but he wasn't having it. Hurt my feelings a little. Lonely much?
Beach? Really?
Yet another cozy street
I can
Thanks, but no thanks
Hunters last day (from Allan's fancy camera)
We had fish n' chips for breakfast that morning.

Before mentioned breakfast, this would be the yellowest meal i've ever had
"Mmm, dessert, i think i'll have the.. what? Eeww, gross!"Very colorful animals at the pier
Not too bad for a phone picI wouldn't necessarily eat there, but the sign was cute.
So, that was Brighton.
Halfway through the trip my camera battery died and because i'm an idiot i didn't bring the charger.
So half of my pictures are from the phone.
Not as good, but better than paying 40£ for a new battery.

I had an ok time there.
I was cold and i don't like being cold.
The shop was as cold as the outdoors, so i didn't hang out there much.
Also, i spend most of my waking hours at a tattoo shop, so when i'm away from home it's the last place i wanna be.
So i walked around.
I had too much time to think about things i shouldn't be thinking about.
And i felt pretty lonely.

It's good to be away from home, but for once i was happier to be back.
Back to feeling like i have a purpose, that i'm not a complete waste of space.

And poor Allan worked his ass off as usual.
12 days straight i think.
I think he's gonna post some of the tattoos on his blog soon, so keep an eye on that too.


  1. thanks for the pics, i love seeing pics of places ive yet to travel, never been to europe! oh well chris pa,us

  2. No problem!
    I don't think i'd recommend starting in Brighton in the fall... a little too cold foir my taste (as you may have noticed!)
    But i'm sure summers there are real nice!

  3. oooooh! the gray sky. gorgeous. and the one of the people on the pier the light is so good they look photoshopped into the scene. and the yellow meal? you aren't kidding--very, very yellow. (also dig the self-portrait!). thanks!

  4. I went to Brighton when I was in England two years ago.

    I went specifically to go to Vegetarian shoes and buy shoes.

    Yep. I drove two hours for shoes.

    That's how I roll.