Sunday, October 5, 2008

At a convention in London

Every good convention should have a pirate ship
The kapten doing the old London pose
Hunter sportin the brand new London pose
Exciting news: socks and heels rock!
Only me and Steph got that memo...
Kent found himself without a booth, so we all ended up sharing
When signing prints it's important to get peoples names right
Pauls pooch in progress
I did manage to sneak out for a taste of the real worldWhen i see an alley like this one, i need to find out where it goes
In this case it led to stairs...... that led to some more stairs
The good life huh?
Leaving London
Bye bye

In short (cause i'm to lazy to write right now) the convention was good.
The customers were great and we even sold some flash and stuff.
We had a good convention family* this year. They were probably the best part of the trip.
I was sick most of the week. Of course. That and being tired all the time was probably the worst part.
And i was once again reminded of what a complete social retard i am. No, really.

Hey, i wonder if my blog missed me? Maybe it thought it had become an orphan?
It's ok blog, i'm home now.

Coming up: Brighton in pictures and not too many words.

*At these event's there are so many people.
Most of them know each other from somewhere, but even if you want to, hanging out with all of them is practically impossible.
So a convention family are the people you end up hanging out with the most and go to dinner with at the end of the very long workdays.


  1. the image of the alleyway must be good because it gave me a little cyber-claustrophobia. & lame being sick. sorry.

    (and this is the 4th time i've typed this, so if it keeps showing up, delete it!!!!??).

  2. great pics sorry u were sik though,cris pa,usa

  3. great pics sorry u were sik though,cris pa,usa

  4. Thanks, it wasn't that bad, just a little annoying when it's at a convention.

  5. youre pretty friendly for a social retard...

  6. Håber du er blevet rask igen, stakkels ven! Og PS: Jeg ved godt, du skal være social i dit job, men husk at det er kvalitet, ikke kvantitet, der tæller, når det kommer til folk! Det forsøger denne her sociale spade ihvertfald at fortælle sig selv på daglig basis!!