Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another reason to looove coffee

So after the enormous success of my plastic bag post (yes, here at the untitled blog, 2 comments means success) i decided to post another tip o' the day.

This one, i actually don't remember exactly where it came from?
But it's a trick i've used for years.

Now, if recycling or trash makes you feel all icky inside, read no further.
And if you're not a coffee drinker, this isn't really relevant for you.

Ok, ok, i'll get to the point.
Do you like body scrub, but hate how friggin expensive it is?

Coffee grounds is the answer.
I usually use it as a hand scrub before bedtime.
Just grab a handful before throwing away the filter, rub your hands in it and rinse it off with a little soap.
You'll smell like coffee, but you'll also have the softest hands ever.
And if you don't like the smell, just use a bit of vitamin E oil or hand lotion after.

Now, if this hasn't grossed you out, you might wanna go a step further and use it for a body scrub.
What i do is i put the coffee grounds in a plastic container, add a little aloe vera soap and some body oil and ta dah! you got the worlds best free body scrub!
It doesn't look pretty on the bathroom shelf, but it gets the job done.


  1. if i didnt despise coffee so much, i might try it. it *does* sound like a good way of recycling and getting something for free!

  2. Hurra for den kreative blog!!

  3. i love coffee. but i think i'm too lame to deal with the coffee scrub, but i like the idea. and your little snails made me smile. we should just refuse to call them snailshells. let's call them your name. "snailhouses" or "snailshacks" (which reminds me of the B52's loveshack...works with the snails :) Today's gunna be a good day! zo

  4. "Snailshack, baby snaaiilshack!!"

    Totally works for me!

  5. ill try it i love coffe and the smell of it