Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thank you Max Havelaar

I believe i already spent a good deal of time bitching about my mood the last few days.
I'm better now, but yesterday was the same.
Only on top of being moody, i was really clumsy too.
Just couldn't do anything right.

So i decided some safe, mindless task would be a good idea.
So i folded all the plastic bags i had lying around the kitchen cabinets.
It gives more kitchen space and also makes you re-use bags more, since folding them this way will allow them to fit in your bag.

Smart thinking, fairtrade people.

All the bags that took up an entire shelf can now fit in here


  1. Se hvor du kan. Afstressende at folde OG pladsbesparende på én gang!!

  2. what? you did what? omg. you are raising the bar too high. i can't even manage to take OUT the trash, let alone fold all my little baggies into a triangle! and please post some smack from england. my blogfeed is on flatlining________. smiles, zo