Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A tale of two dresses

I have a dilemma.
But it's the good kind.
I'm going to Flo's wedding on saturday.
I have two dresses and i'm not sure which one to wear.
I got both on ebay. One was missing a belt, but today i made a belt and a matching hat for it.
I also hemmed the other dress a little shorter and started on a hat for that one too.
So i have two almost complete sets now.
And if you're thinking making a matching hat for your dress is a little over the top you're absolutely right, but i love dressing up and rarely get to, so when a wedding comes along i go all the way.
Right now i'm leaning towards blue/green/turquoise. The opponent is yellow/orange/white.
I should post some pictures and force you people to help me chose, but i'm exhausted from all the hat making (it looks like no big deal, but it kills the fingers).

Tomorrow: 7 year anniversary. Kind of a big deal.


  1. congrats on the anniversary,it'l be 7 for me in march goes by quick huh

  2. Thanks!
    It sure does go by quick...
    But i still love being married, it's pretty much the smartest thing i ever did!

  3. Du var så smuk i din orange kjole!!