Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturdays at the shop are ok

We're closed on saturdays.
But today Sid's working, so we're here all day.
And i'm getting tattooed by Allan today.
This morning we had no ideas, but we came up with something cool.
Pictures of that later.

That's how we roll


  1. you get tattooed too often.
    i find this unfair.
    cease immediately.

  2. Hey hey, you got your feet done and i haven't even seen them yet!
    Posting a picture of your tattooer does not count.

  3. Oh, and i did cease, we're all done now!

  4. no fair!! i have to wait til november for mine...

    and i will post pictures of my feet. i will have to get help from a friend tonight to do it..

    i did put up other pictures though.. finally....