Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New(er) hair

I'm not sure i like it as much as last time. My hair.
I feel like she (the hair stylist person) went more for a brunette (and obviously less gorgeous) Jean Seberg and not so much a Mia Farrow like last time.
Actually, i'm not sure she knows who either of them are.
But whatever. It's ok i guess.
It just doesn't make my head look as big as the other cut did.
And i like having a big head.


I put on Slackers. I think i might be the only one who likes them.
But it's not like anyone else had any better suggestions.


  1. 1) I love your hair. But yes, maybe it was proportioned a tiny bit differently, with some longer than it is now and some shorter than it is now? (at least in pic.) But overall, still a good idea cut! No worries.

    2) Live at Ernesto's is on my all-time favorite car trip music list. COME ON. The Slackers are great. I also like old Dolly Parton and the original tunes from early 90's by The Smoking Popes so who am I?

    and a late 3) WHY do you want to look thinner? You are tiny and I have to disagree: Horizontal stripes are the height of chic. French, for all their faults, have an impeccable sense of stripe and a French Sailor's stripe tee is a can't-go-wrong for any gorgeous girl. You included.


  2. Yay for Slackers fans!

    Oh, and i don't wanna look thinner, i'm just glad that science was decided that horizontal stripes don't make you look fat (cause i don't wanna look fat either!)

    I agree that frenchies are the bomb when it comes to sailor stripes!
    And it works especially well with short hair i think!

  3. Better late than never!

    ...Og de kommer jo til byen snart.. Håber ikke det lige mens i er væk...

    Mandag d. 16 nov?