Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Good morning

A day off in the middle of the week is the best thing ever.
If that day happens to be your anniversary, it's even better.

We just had a big breakfast of fruit, organic bread with cheese, lots of coffee and a couple of onigiri left over from last night.

And he got me flowers. He chose a bouquet that looked like wildflowers. Cause he knows i like those.
I'm a lucky gal.
Later i'll get another present, a sketch Allan did last night that i said i wanted, so he got it framed for me.
It's of me, sort of. It's inspired by a picture of me anyway. I'm art!

Now we're hanging out in the livingroom.
Allan is looking at the new book he's in, so i decided to blog a bit.

Can you spot Lucifer?


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!

    It's a good book! Saw it Monday night!

    Aaaaaaaand .. its kinda dark.. but is Lucifer on Allens lap and we can see an ear?

  2. Tillykke med jer! Hvor er det sejt :)

  3. i will hold you to that.

    my only request is that is a fresh cookie, and not one that sits around from now til i get there...

    ok, maybe i will also request that its peanut butter...

  4. Ok ok, so i won't go buy it now and leave it on my desk for you...
    But i cannot guarantee that it'll be peanut butter!

  5. that seems like an ok compromise to me.