Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Good luck, bad luck?

Three eggs, four yolks.

I made meatballs yesterday. And potato salad and muffins.
I had an off day, i kept forgetting ingredients, leaving stuff in the fridge that should have been put on a shelf next to it, bumping my toe into things.
A spazz day. And i feel like today is a leftover spazz day.
Or a late monday.

Our friend Sid came yesterday, but he already left to go to Hungary.
But he'll be back on friday.
I love having houseguests.
I guess after living with a roommate for what, six years, part of me kind of miss it.

It's raining and i wanna go home and eat soba.

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  1. i finally live alone after years of roommates... its been 3.5 years now, and i dont know if i could have roommates again... well, im going to have to when i move but yikes! it will some sort of adjustment for me!