Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I feel like someone pushed the fast forward button of life.
Every day goes by so fast i feel the need to hang onto something.
Is it always going to be like this?
That would suck.
Maybe it's the price of happiness or something.


  1. Jeg ved præcis hvad du mener... Det sucks!

  2. it cant be... cause its going super fast for me and i am not any where near the peak of my happiness...

    i want it to slooooooow down for a bit. please.

  3. So it is going to be like this forever.
    Remember when you were a kid and a year was an eternity?
    Damn, i miss that.

  4. And we had summer vacation.
    Whatever happened to two months off to do nothing??

    And I didnt say it would be like this forever... its just not tied to happiness. Maybe there is something in our fridges that we havent thrown out, and that is doing it.. I cant have all the answers...