Friday, September 19, 2008


The last couple of days have been bad.
Not really bad, i've just been stressed. And annoyed. And clumsy. And in a pissy mood in general.
Weather mostly.
It's not bad, it's just so cold already and i think most Danes get a little depressed when they realize they're in for about 6 more months of this, only with more darkness and rain.
It happens every year and still it surprises us.
It also may or may not be that time of the month, but that's completely besides the point.

I haven't felt like contaminating the blog with my less than sunny disposition, but i can't stay away forever, can i?
So i'm just gonna get it out there.
Here's a few of the things that are pissing me off right about now:

-My piece of crap bicycle
-My wrist hurts from badgemaking and sleeping on my arm
-The fact that photo paper is too thick for canbadge makers ( i found a substitute, but it's just not as good)
-Hipsters that block my front door when the a-little-too-trendy gallery downstairs have an opening (yes, i live here, not that it's any of your business, now move you Camilla Stærk dressed anorexic ass)
-The fact that it is now legal to ride you bike along the lake, people were getting along great when we were breaking the law and now it's a big mess
-Joggers (just because they're always, and will always be, pissing me off and someday they'll get a rant of their own)
-My inability to wake up in the morning
-My growing coffee addiction
-Going to the London convention next week, working in a large, noisy, crowded room and talking to a bunch of people who won't remember my name one second after i've told them
Actually just thinking about going there is stressful... why am i going again?
-My sensitive skin that won't allow my new tattoo to heal properly
-Fucking harem pants! What kind of sad loser reinvented those?
One day me and Allan were sitting on a corner eating some ice cream and within 15 minutes we counted six people wearing these
Note to wearers of this particular style: YOU LOOK LIKE YOU CRAPPED IN YOUR PANTS!

A lot!

Ps. I went for my weekly grandfather visit today and we went for a little walk. That was nice. At least i have that.


  1. hihihi du formulere dig så fantastisk! Jeg har også være helt vildt sur i denne uge! Men i dag er jeg glad! håber også du bliver i godt humør i denne weekend!
    -og jeg er så enig i at det er en mærkelig mode med de der mc hammer ano 2000 bukser!

  2. I have never seen those pants before, and I would really appreciate it if you would have them all out of Denmark before i get there. thanks!

    in other news, sounds like the weather is exactly the same as Vancouver, so I shouldnt have any issue adapting. yay for that.

    next year i will come to the conventions with you and we can people watch and make fun of them while allan tattoos. promise.

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  4. Mai: Tak! Jeg er lettet over ikke at være den enete der ikke fatter hammer bukserne!

    Allan: Elsker dig!!!

    Corey: I'm working on a diabolical plan that will send them all to sweden before the year is over.
    It involves 300 ducks, a lot of string and copenhagens trendiest soundsystem.
    That's all i can tell you.

  5. All those ducks.. it sounds so evil!
    I've half a mind to show up early and see you in action..

  6. Oh no! Steph and I will come bring you tea and cake at the convention. At least you'll know we'll remember your name, at least.

  7. Aaaahh, that would be nice.
    At least i have you guys to look forward to.
    And cake!

  8. Your comment about harem pants honestly made me laugh out loud :)

    At least your rage has made me smile! x

  9. Ah, i'm glad something good has come out of it!