Friday, August 1, 2008

Things they don't tell you about tattoos

1. You will never enjoy the sun again.

Or you will, but not in the same carefree way you did before.
No, the sun becomes your enemy, something that will do whatever it can to tan your pale skin, and fade and destroy your beautiful tattoos.

I'm sure that dude on the beach with the sick tribal couldn't care less, but for those of us with pretty, detailed color tattoos a heatwave like the one we're having now is a daily struggle.

I put on 50+ so many times a day, you'd think i was competing in the SPF lotion olympics (what? they totally exist!) and when i'm in direct sun i'll even find myself standing with my arms behind my back.
It's annoying, especially if you, like me, live for the summer and warm weather.

But this curse has a blessing too.
The sun is bad for you. No, really, it is.
And before getting tattoos i rarely thought about using any sun protection.
Which is just plain dumb, cause on top of the whole skincancer issue, there's the fact that the sun causes wrinkles as well.

So there, something to consider before getting a tattoo.
Or not.
If you're one of those people who just wanna look cool and don't care about the quality of your tattoos just ignore this post.
You lucky bastard.


  1. I support this post 2000%.

    I have now learned the difficult art of applying sunscreen to my entire back by myself. Although its not hard to find helpers... Im still proud.

  2. I thought I was the only one who cared. I wear long sleeves when I am outside to protect my precious tats. I am outside a lot, cycling or walking my dog, I always cover up. When the sun isn't shining and it is still hot I wear shortsleeves.

  3. Damn right , yellow pants ! You tell em !! But that dude's tribal is so sick !! Lots of these around here !!! Hah ! See ya soon bro !