Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Still in a weird after-vacation mood

I don't feel like writing much yet.
But i do have some Bisserup pictures to show you, the ones i didn't have the patience to upload while i was down there.

So here, i hope it looks as great as it is!

In no particular order:

My house(s)

I didn't shoot this one, obviously. Allan did.
When my dad tore down the old kitchen he found out where the mouse had lived.
And that it ate Tom's Gold Caramels and walnuts.

Last swim of the season.
It was very, very cold, but my cousin Nikolaj talked me into it.
And it was great.
Cows pose for you if you yell "hey cow!" at them.
End of the road
This one is for Nick

My dad really, really likes Lucifer


  1. Upload a gazillion pictures why don't you !! Hahhhahh !!!! I luv the funny looking boat !!! Hah !!! It looks funny !! It's great !! I want one !! Can I get that one !!?? I have a bit of room in my factory for it !!! Hahhh !! It rocks ! I want it !

  2. great pictures! it looks like you really had a great time :-)

  3. so beautiful!
    The cow is kawaii

  4. Kender godt de der efter-ferie-blues man kan få. Lidt ligesom man kan ha det om søndagen, inden det går løs med arbejde mandag, bare endnu værre!!
    Dejlige billeder. Det er jo tydeligvis et fantastisk sted!
    Glæder mig til at se dig!