Monday, August 25, 2008


My little workspace at home got a makeover yesterday and i can already feel a dramatic change.
It takes so little, we moved the table out so my back is against the wall and i'm looking out the window and at the room, and i'm so much more comfortable there now.
I'm feeling just as creative now as i did in Bisserup.
So i guess it wasn't just the internet. It was a combination of the internet and bad feng shui.

Yesterday i bought more hat supplies in this wonderful shop i discovered recently.
I feel pretty silly not knowing it was there all this time, but better late than never i guess.
The weather was completely insane and when i came home all my clothes, even my socks, were wet.
But it was well worth it, i got some really cool stuff.
Today i finished the hats i made in Bisserup and updated a couple of old hats i made months ago.
I also made some boxes for them, but most of them won't fit in there cause they're too tall.
I have to figure out another way to package them i guess.

I actually need your help with something, blog buddies.
I wanna sell this stuff, what i make. And i wanna try to sell it at a store.
I have never done that before, and it's something i really wannna try. Soon.
I've never been ambitious, so when i finally do have something resembling a goal, i have to move fast before i forget this is something i wanted!

The problem is that i have no name for my product.
And i feel like it needs a name. Something i can put on the tag and say, "this is my little brand" or something like that.
Now, i don't wanna call it something with the word "hat" in it, since i might want to make something completely different tomorrow.
And no Nick, it's not gonna be called "Yellowpants" either.
But other than that i have no idea.
So any suggestions would be very welcome.
If you're a person who know anything about either fashion or marketing, share the wisdom.
And if you know nothing about either, you should still help me out!
Ok, go!


  1. You should get an account. I've lurked your myspace blog before and saw some things you made. I would definitely buy stuff from you :)
    And with etsy people from all over the world could buy it...

  2. Jeg tilslutter mig, men hvis det nu skal være en fysisk butik, så dur den lissom ikke. Snail er faktisk heller ikke en dårlig idé.

    Branding er pissesvært. Men hvad med Princessinferno? Det er jo allerede dit trademark!

    Hmmm.. jeg tænker!

    Og TUSIND tak for skoene, jeg er stadig helt bimmelim og glad, når jeg kigger på den fine æske, der står i min stue.

  3. A Marketing Genius !!!!!!!!August 26, 2008 at 12:05 AM

    Why I think "yellow pants" would be a great idea for a name !!! Yes yes !!! I do believe so , young lady !!!! ( deep voice )

  4. Leonardo er pænt oplagt.. tredje generation osv..

    Ringer senere!

  5. I think yellowpants would be a great name too actually...

    And Nick is hilarious! =)