Saturday, August 2, 2008

And then Ulla came by

The seeing-old-friends circle is just about complete.
Yesterday Ulla (my favorite tall blonde who i met at 17 when we both attended this loser school in Valby where we bonded over smoking cigarettes and cutting class... and having odd hair) decided to come by.
I haven't seen her in the longest time.

About 7 years ago she decided to leave Copenhagen and do something with her life, something i have yet to accomplish, and now she's a real chiropractor.
Besides being great for her, it's also great for me cause it means she'll soon be moving back to the better island (that's right, i said better) and me.
Maybe she'll even move to Vesterbro like me?
But it's still a few months away, so for now she just came by for a spontaneous visit and crashed on the couch.

We were at the shop till almost 2 am., hanging out and eating sushi, while Allan worked on an awesome piece.
We took the bike convoy home in the warm summer rain. It was pretty sweet.
We didn't stay up long after that, everyone was so tired, but we did manage to stay awake for a beer (or in my case, a cider).
This morning we had brunch and Ulla gave Allan a much needed haircut.

Something about this morning felt like old times and old times feel good.
I can't wait for her to move back home so i can see her more than three times a year.


  1. Hah !! That last picture's funny !! Hey you bet !!! ( about the islands ) I miss my rainy island lots !!! It def. is the best island in the hood !! See ya next week !

  2. Thats a cool shirt Allan is wearing. Wait a minute....