Sunday, July 6, 2008

Weekend guilt

Is this a Danish phenomenon? Or is this a general civilized world thing?

I didn't use to suffer from it. I used to be the ultimate slacker who'd, happily and guilt free, spend an entire sunday on the sofa watching Buffy and eating chips.
Not so anymore.
Now i'm like everyone else in this city, totally fixated on using these two days to do all the things i don't have time for during the week.

To most people that includes planting something in their garden, washing the car, painting the house or spending time with that kid they popped out a few years back and haven't really seen since christmas.

I guess i'm lucky that my life is a little more simple than that.
Today i'll probably vacuum, take the dog for a nice sunday walk, do some more laundry, call my family and mount a set of giant antlers above the new TV.

If you're wondering if i had saturday guilt too, the answer is yes, i did.
I was at the shop yesterday and spent a good amount of time organizing flash and prints, something i don't really have time for during the week, so i guess you can have weekend guilt at work too.
Why were we at the shop on a saturday? These awesome people needed tattooing:

If you wanna see what they got done, check out Allan's blog!

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  1. I look like I have no teeth! Heh.

    'twas fantastic to see you - thanks so much for looking after us so well! We can't wait to see you again! x