Friday, July 11, 2008

Standing in line for two and a half hours just to get on a waitinglist is not my idea of a good time!

Yeah, that's right. No iphone for me or Allan.
The minions of Satan (also known as sales people) just let us stand there, knowing very well that they had less than 30 of the 16 GB available.
And when they finally admitted that they were out, they put us on a waitinglist. And of course they had no idea when they'd get a new shipment.
So hey Telia, fuck you!
And Apple, fuck you even more, you elitist, secretive, piece of crap corporation!
Sending only 8.000 phones to Denmark all together? Knowing that these are the first iphones to hit this country ever?
No, that's not about building up some serious hype for your product, you just didn't have any more to spare. Right.

I guess i'll have to settle for a broken old phone and an ipod with no more room for... well, indefinitely, cause the fuckers couldn't even give us an approximate date!

One positive thing about this morning, i got to see both my faux sisters.
And we're hanging out on sunday too. Yay!


  1. about the phone i mean..

    yay for hangouts!

  2. I also stepped in dog poop today.
    But otherwise a good day. Why? Cause i saw a penguin!
    More about that later!