Thursday, July 31, 2008

So, apparently the summer is over?

I hear vicious rumors that the summer is gonna end on saturday.
I don't necessarily believe them, but i'm still happy that i got my swim on this week.

Yesterday i convinced my friend Mille, who i haven't seen in months, to take a break from cleaning her apartment and go to the harbor with me.
It was awesome, not just jumping in the water, but hanging out with her. Lots have happened in our lives since we saw each other last and it was good to catch up and goof around.
I'm sure the people next to us didn't enjoy it quite as much. Mille and i are both half deaf, same ear even, so we tend to talk REALLY LOUD when we're together.
We also decided to take part in the ancient danish tradition of topless sunbathing.
Nope, they're not shy, those vikings.
We had fun.

Lately i've been trying to be more social.
I know all these great people, but we never do stuff together and i wanna change that.
So in the last few weeks i've hung out with:
Helle (we were friends at 18 and lost touch for many years until she decided, in all her wisdom, that it was time to hang out again)
Maria (who i've known since i was a baby, but never see enough even though she lives five minutes from me)
Mille (we were neighbors growing up and later roommates in our first apartment, then neighbors again for years)
Fie, we only talked on the phone and it was for work, but it still counts in my book (another childhood friend and best penpal/later faxpal! Yes, i'm THAT old)
Karina (one of my best friends since maybe the fourth grade, we catch up once or twice a year)
and as a bonus Martin is back from tour in the States and i saw him briefly today (i can't sqeeze this guy and all our years together into a paranthesis, he knows).

What's my point?
My point is, i think, that i don't wanna spend most of the year missing my friends in USA and Japan, i wanna have friends here too, people to miss when i'm away from home.
I wanna be better at keeping in touch with friends here as well as be open to meeting new ones. Maybe. That last one is gonna be tough cause i think most people suck.
I'll work on that.

Tomorrow i'm gonna go swimming again.
And Lucifer is gonna get some home alone training (today we came home to find all of our shoes rearranged. Not damaged, just moved around a lot).

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  1. Yay, bedste fax-ven i verden!

    Venner er sgu en svær størrelse, og jeg kender det alt for godt, det der med at synes at folk generelt stinker - men alligevel glemme at ses med dem, der så ikke stinker.... Jeg er glad for at du også tæller telefonsnak som at gøre noget sammen! For det tæller!