Friday, July 18, 2008

Possibly more exciting than me getting an iPhone

When i was a kid, Elfquest was my biggest obsession.
I would go to the library and take out as many Elverfolket (Danish title) as i was allowed and spend days in their universe (often with my friend Mille and her brother).
And then i'd spend days drawing portraits of my favorite characters.
I's also loan lots of books and other comics (Prince Valiant and Linda & Valentin were other favorites).
Now that i think about it, we used to go to the library all the time. Why did i stop doing that?
That's for another post i guess.

Back to Elfquest. I loved them. Even when i was supposed to outgrow them, i still loved them.
I started going to comic book shops and buying them in English. The novels too.

I eventually stopped reading them, but never stopped loving them, and i still plan to collect some more of the favorites missing from my collection.

There has been talk about a movie version many times, i remain skeptic.
I just can't see it happen.
And definitely not directed by the guy who did Dodgeball (not that there's anything wrong with Dodgeball, i liked it a lot)!

But i hope it will happen, i may be a skeptic but i'm an optimist too (most of the time)!


  1. I have read them too when I was a kid. European comics are underrated :)

    If they make a movie they really have to make it on a large budget.

  2. Oh, biblioteket. Himlen for et nørdet barn. Hvor udvikler man sin vildtvoksende fantasi nu, hvor alting kommer med billeder og lyde? Hm, blot en mormortanke.

    Jeg elskede den tegneserie, der hed Nofret - og Valhalla. Og alt, hvad Dennis Jürgensen skrev. Faldt dog aldrig for sådan noget Troldepus-noget. Way for tuttenut til mig.