Friday, July 18, 2008

Ihaveaniphone Ihaveaniphone Ihaveaniphone Ihaveaniphone!!!!

It has internet and everything!

But it's so hard to hit the right key, i must have fat fingers or something!

What else is new.... ?
Oh yeah, Ihaveaniphone Ihaveaniphone Ihaveaniphone Ihaveaniphone Ihaveaniphone Ihaveaniphone!!!


  1. congrats!! what colour did you end up getting?

  2. Black is the best colour. My ipod is black and I love it. I am quite obsessed in getting an iphone myzelf but I have a one year subscription left on my Nokia. The deal we have in Holland is 30 Euro a month for the 8 GB version, you will have 150 minutes and you have to pay about 60 Euro for the iphone. Thing is, we can't buy the iphone separate without an subscription.

    Please keep us posted on your blog regarding your expiriences with your iphone... oh and many congratulations on actually having an iphone!

  3. Thanks, i think i have a crush on the damn thing already. It is awesome!
    I have the 16 GB, i got the big one cause i wanna use it as an ipod too (my old one is full now).
    We have to buy it with a subscription here too, but (lucky for me) the company that won the iphone bidding war happens to be my phone company!

  4. Okay, you did! I will get mine this week :)

    16GB is much better, I agree. It is better to pay up for some more GB. In Holland t-mobile won the bidding.

    Please tell me, do you use a protective case for your iphone? I always used a case for my ipods cause they get damaged so fast.