Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hello babies

Can a person have too many shoes? I might be on a mission to find out.
My shoe pusher came by the shop today to give me these. She really knows how to brighten an otherwise typical monday.

Not that it was a bad day at all. I put up some window-film-tape-stuff at the shop, that we bought this weekend. No idea what it's called (even in Danish i'm not sure?)
Well, you kinda glue it to the window, so people can't see in, but you still get daylight.
I'm hoping it'll save us some money on the electrical bill if we don't have to have the lights on in the bathroom all the time.
I like being the handy one at work.


  1. no such things as too many shoes.


  2. Colorful! I love them :P I dont' know how long my tired little feet would last in them though. You must have strong legs and feet!

  3. I've always had the worst feet, but they're getting better somehow.
    And these shoes were surprisingly comfortable for new shoes, i wore them all day at work!