Friday, July 25, 2008

Gadget lovin'

Yesterday, outside the shop.


  1. your new hair is really cute!

  2. So, that's the iphone... very cool! Do you use a protective case?

  3. and thank you for my close up! i likes the hair!!

  4. Thanks guys! And thanks for helping me make the decision Alice!
    I'm still lovin it, no regrets at all!

    About the iphone, i haven't gotten a protective case yet, they're too ugly and rubbery i think.
    Right now i keep it in a small fabric case for sunglasses when it's in my bag.
    It's free and it fits perfectly!
    Later i'll get those protective stickers, but the stupid humac store don't have them yet.

  5. I just bought a screenprotector online, I actually bought two cause I always mess it up putting it on my screen. I bought them here:

    Sendingcost to Europe are about U$ 5

    And you are right about the protective cases, they suck! I found these though, just they are too girly: