Monday, July 14, 2008


I woke up this morning with that uneasy feeling you have after a nightmare, that you can't really remember.
It took an hour or so before it slowly came back to me.
I can't remember the specifics, my dreams are always way too detailed and complicated for me to fully remember.
But it was something like this: i'd been kidnapped (along with someone else, can't remember who) by that psycho from Saw.
I can't even remember watching that crappy movie, but apparently my subconscious can.
Ok, so i'm trapped in this gross, dirty, concrete cellar with green, moldy stuff on the walls, and i'm plotting my escape. There are no elaborate torture devices in this room, but i'm sure they're around there somewhere.
And that's prett much it. Except for this: dream-me is thinking "why oh why did i put all my information on the internet, so the psycho killer could so easily target and kidnap me? Why do i have a blog with all sorts of information, and pictures of me, for the world to see?"

It was just a nightmare, but dream-me has a point, why... this?

1 comment:

  1. to keep in touch somehow?

    to record your thoughts and feelings, but we feel stupid keeping a private diary so this somehow validates writing it all down?

    or maybe cause you secretly want to be stalked. i can stalk you if you want. just say the word. ill be closer soon anyways....