Thursday, July 31, 2008

Last night at the shop

The shop looks huge in this photo.
It's not.

So, apparently the summer is over?

I hear vicious rumors that the summer is gonna end on saturday.
I don't necessarily believe them, but i'm still happy that i got my swim on this week.

Yesterday i convinced my friend Mille, who i haven't seen in months, to take a break from cleaning her apartment and go to the harbor with me.
It was awesome, not just jumping in the water, but hanging out with her. Lots have happened in our lives since we saw each other last and it was good to catch up and goof around.
I'm sure the people next to us didn't enjoy it quite as much. Mille and i are both half deaf, same ear even, so we tend to talk REALLY LOUD when we're together.
We also decided to take part in the ancient danish tradition of topless sunbathing.
Nope, they're not shy, those vikings.
We had fun.

Lately i've been trying to be more social.
I know all these great people, but we never do stuff together and i wanna change that.
So in the last few weeks i've hung out with:
Helle (we were friends at 18 and lost touch for many years until she decided, in all her wisdom, that it was time to hang out again)
Maria (who i've known since i was a baby, but never see enough even though she lives five minutes from me)
Mille (we were neighbors growing up and later roommates in our first apartment, then neighbors again for years)
Fie, we only talked on the phone and it was for work, but it still counts in my book (another childhood friend and best penpal/later faxpal! Yes, i'm THAT old)
Karina (one of my best friends since maybe the fourth grade, we catch up once or twice a year)
and as a bonus Martin is back from tour in the States and i saw him briefly today (i can't sqeeze this guy and all our years together into a paranthesis, he knows).

What's my point?
My point is, i think, that i don't wanna spend most of the year missing my friends in USA and Japan, i wanna have friends here too, people to miss when i'm away from home.
I wanna be better at keeping in touch with friends here as well as be open to meeting new ones. Maybe. That last one is gonna be tough cause i think most people suck.
I'll work on that.

Tomorrow i'm gonna go swimming again.
And Lucifer is gonna get some home alone training (today we came home to find all of our shoes rearranged. Not damaged, just moved around a lot).

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Brain melt

I haven't felt much like forming a sentence today.
We've been at the shop really late for two days and as a result i feel tired all the time.
And drink way too much coffee.
But life is good.

Rode my bike out to my grandfather today to hang out and help him pack for his holiday.
He was asleep when i got there, so i decided to clean his bathroom.
Bad idea. The 20 minute ride out there in 30 c and scorching sun had left me all whoozy and i didn't even notice until i started the cleaning. Lots of cold water helped and i managed to finish cleaning.
Then i called my friend Fie who had decided to interview me for an article about bodymodification. Not that i'm an expert on that (or anything for that matter) but we're hoping that the readers of this particular magazine won't notice.
We chose a great day for an interview, my brain feels like warm feta cheese.
Oh well.

Back at the shop i finished fixing up the wall i'd started on yesterday.
See, yesterday i took down a huge shelf to make room for the new member of our antique furniture family, but the walls of the shop are quite fragile, so the spot needed some reconstuction after that.
Today the filler from yesterday had dried and all it needed was some fresh paint to cover it.
Looks pretty good now. Can't post any pictures of it though, i want Nick to be all surprised when he comes home!
Then i made some guest artist portfolios and discovered a strange bruise on my shoulder.

Sorry for the lame post, but i did warn you (see headline).

This needs a picture...
Oh, this morning i went to my parents' apartment around the corner to pick up some mail and found that Dan (who has been staying there the past week, sans parents of course) had prettied the place up with some flowers.
That's nice.
Could have been the work of his girlfriend now that i think of it?
Oh well, here they are.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Yesteday we cruised around Cph in the crazy summer heat. Yes, it's finally here and i'm not complaining!

We went to visit another tattoo shop in the area (a pretty damn nice one too) and we got some of that sweet Sicilian icecream that i love.
Across the street from the icrecream place there's an antique store and we spontaneously bought some furniture for the shop.* Dan got us a 150 kr. discount (me and Allan are impossible at getting the price down, we're just too bad at lying and we wanna please people too, not good qualities if you want cheap furniture)!
I'll get a picture of that tomorrow when we've taken it to the shop.

Here's Allan, in Driving miss Sinnes:

*Don't worry Nick, it'll go great with the sofa!

Solo sunday

Today Allan went to Jylland to see Iron Maiden.
I hate Iron Maiden. So obviously i didn't go. Too bad cause i love a good roadtrip and they'd rented a Mini.
Oh well.

It was hot today, so i wanted to go swimming. I haven't been swimming this year, unless you count that one time in California where i went in the pool with a new tattoo (that will probably never heal well as a result of that).
But i couldn't find anyone to go with. It made me really miss my friends in the States.
I'm pretty sure i could convince at least one of them to hang out with me on a sunday.
Unless of course they were all going to see Maiden with Allan...?
Great! Even in my own hypothetical world i can't get people to hang out with me.
That's pretty pathetic.

Anyway, i left Lucifer at home (something he wasn't too pleased about) and rode my bike down to the harbour bath. Yes, we swim in the harbour here and it is awesome.
I brought a floppy straw hat, a book, some water and a beach towel. I didn't bring a camera, so if you were hoping for a bikini shot, Allan, it's not gonna happen.
I had a feeling people were looking at me funny cause i was alone, but i was probably just being paranoid. It's just that everyone were all coupled up. Girlfriends, married couples, people with their kids. I'm pretty sure i was the only one there without a bathing buddy.
But i'm glad i went, it was wonderful and refreshing.

After i came home i ordered some sushi and watched Casablanca. I bought it on dvd yesterday. I'd never seen it before and it seems like one of those movies you have to see at least once.
I liked it, there were so many good lines in it. My favorite was this:
Ugarte: You despise me, don't you?
Rick: If I gave you any thought, I probably would.

Nice one Bogart!

After dinner+movie i dyed my hair. Yeah, a real girl-home-alone night this turned out to be.
It's pretty much the same colour as before, since it was an all natural product. Maybe in the sun tomorrow i'll see the difference.
I considered painting my toenails, just to make my girl night complete, but instead i did something creative.
That was actually my goal for today: produce something, anything.
So i made some iPhone covers! A reader of this very blog inspired me to make some myself instead of buying them, so i made a couple of different ones for myself and one for Allan too.
They're not super well made cause i was in a hurry to get them done before Allan comes home, but they'll work.

I had fun today, spending time with yourself isn't so bad after all.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Why people suck

Yesterday afternoon i was sitting outside the shop, playing with my iPhone (as usual) and having a glass of water. It was so hot outside and there were lots of people in the street.

All of a sudden i hear a loud crash and there's shattered glass everywhere. Large chunks and tiny pieces all over the sidewalk and the road. I got hit by some too, no broken skin or anything though.
A family standing next to me eating ice cream seemed to be really shocked, i was a bit startled too.
We went out into the street to look up and maybe see where it came from, but lots of windows were open, so it could be any one of them. No one looked out.

Lucifer was on the sidewalk next to me when it happened, had he been sniffing around just a few meters down from where he was, he could have been dead or seriously injured.
I took him to safety in the shop and started looking around the backyard for a broom.
When i couldn't find an outdoors one, i took our own broom from the shop and went to clean up the mess.

In the meantime the owner of the giant glass ashtray, or candle holder or whatever it was, had noticed what happened and was out there too. With a tiny little useless dustpan!
She went to the shop nextdoor to ask if they had a broom but they didn't, so she swept a little more and then said something like "that'll do for now".
I said to her that we should probably sweep some more cause little kids walk there, some of them barefeet. Pets too. So we did, me more than her.

Then she says this:"It was lucky that it didn't hit a car".
Seriously, she said that. I was completely stunned. I'm not one for the snappy comebacks, but i did manage to say:"Or a person!?" and she kinda went:"Yeahh..", like it hadn't even ocurred to her that something that heavy falling onto the sidewalk could very easily kill someone.
Then she said thanks and she went into the backyard and didn't return, leaving me and Dan to clean up the rest from the sidewalk and the street.

Fun fact: this building, the one our shop is in, is owned by some kind of teachers union, so the people who live there are mostly school teachers.
Most of them, with very few exceptions, are very rude and unfriendly.
And it seems like some of them are complete morons too.


I was feeling a little blue cause we finished Burn Notice.
And then i remembered that Allan bought Californication.
We just watched six episodes in a row.
Holy crap!
It's as good as Weeds! I love everything about it.
Sex, drugs and David Duchovny. And that snappy, snappy dialogue.
You really need to go buy this. Now.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I did it!

I cut my hair!
It feels great and allan loves it!
Oh and i'm blogging from the street outside
the shop... on my PHONE!
Life is awesome!!

Ps. Pictures later, i haven't
figured out how to do that part just yet!

The bicycle convoy continues

I'm missing in this picture cause the guys went to buy chicken and i walked home with Lucifer.

Now we're on the subject of bikes, i so need a new one, but i just can't decide which one to get.
I don't wanna rush it like last time and have to buy a new one in six months.
This next one has to be right.
The last couple of days riding three people together has made me think about room.
It needs to have room for more than one person at least.


Old neighborhood in the afternoon, new neighborhood in the evening.
Both have their charm.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I've really been looking forward to getting my hair cut

But now that the time for my appointment has come, i'm all of a sudden not so brave anymore.
Three weeks ago i could hardly wait and now i feel like wussing out.
What happened?
Whatever, i'm gonna do it.
If i look like a retard, i'll just buy a wig.
Nothing's better that a wig in the summertime anyway, right?

Sascha is here!

I love having visitors.
I especially love it when our friends just decide to come by for a couple of days and only give us a couple of days notice.
I'm not being sarcastic here by the way, i really do like that. I think people, Danes in particular, overplan everything. You have to let people know months in advance if you wanna come over and hang out with them for a few hours. It's super annoying.
Back to Sascha who just decided to come up and get tattooed by our guest artist at the shop, Dan Sinnes, and at the same time hang out for a couple of days.
We haven't seen him since new years, so it was a great surprise. He's a good houseguest too, he knows his way around our place and he makes himself at home.

So, here we are on our way home from work today. Sascha on my bike, me and Lucifer on Allans.

Lucifer almost got laid today!

My friend Helle's sister has a Prazsky, same breed as Lucifer.
We were hoping that the two dogs would hit it off and make some puppies.
So they came by the shop today.
It almost happened, they're coming back tomorrow.
Maybe we'll help them along with some Barry White and a couple of scented candles or something?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Really bored? Like evil dictators?

Make your own Adolf Knitler!
I guess there's a market for everything these days...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cph style

Today we walked to the shop to pick up Allan's bike.
We rode the bike home, all of us, practicing the great old Copenhagen tradition of riding a bike with as many people (creatures in this case) as possible.
Fun times!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Casualties of iPhone

What am i gonna do about these guys?
I've spent so long coming up with the perfect phone gadget combination and now they're homeless!

Little Kewpie-dressed-like-Booska, fuzzy donut i got from Faedra, Onigiri, tiny posca pen that's always so handy at the airport and last but not least, miniature photoalbum...
What am i gonna do without you guys? And more important, how am i ever gonna find the phone in my bag without the giant ball of crap attached to it?


After two days of intense cake eating i needed some light dinner.
And because Allan is at a show i decided to go vegetarian tonight.
I'm not a great cook, but still, once in a while i invent something half decent.

Here goes:

Quinoa, made in rice cooker (i discovered it in LA, it's like the new rice or something)
Green peas and red chili fried in a pan with organic oil, salt and pepper
Some sliced cherry tomatoes
Avocado with sea salt

Put everything in a bowl and serve with Japanese goma dressing.

I also made some sesame nuggets, and i gotta say, they kicked chicken nugget ass.


Possibly more exciting than me getting an iPhone

When i was a kid, Elfquest was my biggest obsession.
I would go to the library and take out as many Elverfolket (Danish title) as i was allowed and spend days in their universe (often with my friend Mille and her brother).
And then i'd spend days drawing portraits of my favorite characters.
I's also loan lots of books and other comics (Prince Valiant and Linda & Valentin were other favorites).
Now that i think about it, we used to go to the library all the time. Why did i stop doing that?
That's for another post i guess.

Back to Elfquest. I loved them. Even when i was supposed to outgrow them, i still loved them.
I started going to comic book shops and buying them in English. The novels too.

I eventually stopped reading them, but never stopped loving them, and i still plan to collect some more of the favorites missing from my collection.

There has been talk about a movie version many times, i remain skeptic.
I just can't see it happen.
And definitely not directed by the guy who did Dodgeball (not that there's anything wrong with Dodgeball, i liked it a lot)!

But i hope it will happen, i may be a skeptic but i'm an optimist too (most of the time)!

Ihaveaniphone Ihaveaniphone Ihaveaniphone Ihaveaniphone!!!!

It has internet and everything!

But it's so hard to hit the right key, i must have fat fingers or something!

What else is new.... ?
Oh yeah, Ihaveaniphone Ihaveaniphone Ihaveaniphone Ihaveaniphone Ihaveaniphone Ihaveaniphone!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


The weather sucks these days.
It's not terrible, but it's not summer either. It's like last year.
So i'm thinking, i might as well get tattooed then, right?
But what if the weather suddenly changes for the better, then i can't go swimming!?
And i need to go swimming.
Can't have both, what to do?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I'm going to see Sex and the City tonight with my friend Karina!

I've managed to avoid any real spoilers, which is think is pretty impressive considering i basically live on the internet!

Can't... friggin... wait!

Update: Loved it. Even though i sat next to the most annoying woman on the planet (not Karina).
I could have cut about 20 minutes though, maybe even 30.
But still, if you liked the show you'll like the movie. If you didn't like the show, stay away!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tori Amos says what?

In an interview, talking about Perez Hilton: "He’s scary smart."

My aunt came by the shop today

She was in the neighborhood and walked by as i was having my lunch outside the shop.
She hung out and we talked for at least half an hour.
It was probably the longest conversation we've ever had, since i haven't really seen her in many years.
It was really nice.
About an hour after she left i was, again, sitting outside, and my childhood neighbor and best friend walks by. She was on her way to a dress shop and had no idea that i worked on the same street.
Again someone i haven't seen more than a few times in many years.
And Allan had twin customers today. That has absolutely nothing to do with me meeting old friends and family, but it did add an extra teaspoon of "weird!" to this whole day.

My corner

The fatboy was actually a birthday present for Allan. But he spends most of his home time these days in front of the Mac, so i moved into it.
Last night i sat there reading for a couple of hours with a tiny dog on each side.
Hygge times a thousand!
And in my book, that has been extremely predictable up until now, the weird shit is finally starting to hit the fan.

Further proof that Post Danmark is pure evil

My new weakness

Sicilian ice cream.
Hells yeah!!
But only on weekends. Damn you monday!
If you're in Copenhagen, you gotta try this!

Hello babies

Can a person have too many shoes? I might be on a mission to find out.
My shoe pusher came by the shop today to give me these. She really knows how to brighten an otherwise typical monday.

Not that it was a bad day at all. I put up some window-film-tape-stuff at the shop, that we bought this weekend. No idea what it's called (even in Danish i'm not sure?)
Well, you kinda glue it to the window, so people can't see in, but you still get daylight.
I'm hoping it'll save us some money on the electrical bill if we don't have to have the lights on in the bathroom all the time.
I like being the handy one at work.

Monday, July 14, 2008


I woke up this morning with that uneasy feeling you have after a nightmare, that you can't really remember.
It took an hour or so before it slowly came back to me.
I can't remember the specifics, my dreams are always way too detailed and complicated for me to fully remember.
But it was something like this: i'd been kidnapped (along with someone else, can't remember who) by that psycho from Saw.
I can't even remember watching that crappy movie, but apparently my subconscious can.
Ok, so i'm trapped in this gross, dirty, concrete cellar with green, moldy stuff on the walls, and i'm plotting my escape. There are no elaborate torture devices in this room, but i'm sure they're around there somewhere.
And that's prett much it. Except for this: dream-me is thinking "why oh why did i put all my information on the internet, so the psycho killer could so easily target and kidnap me? Why do i have a blog with all sorts of information, and pictures of me, for the world to see?"

It was just a nightmare, but dream-me has a point, why... this?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Animals need jazz too, or something like that

The Copenhagen Jazz Festival is happening all over town these days, and my dad and brother were playing a show at the Zoo, of all places.
Sounds weirder than it actually was, they played at a small stage outside one of the cafe's there.
It was good, a mix of soul and jazz, something my dad does better than most.

Since i was there to listen to music, i didn't have much time to look at all the animals.
But i did convince my mom to go check out the new elephant house with me.
It was beautiful, we agreed. They did a great job and as far as incarcerated animals go, the Copenhagen elephants have a pretty sweet deal.
They really should work on giving the big cats some more space though.

Ok, enough talk. Here comes the animal parade.

Camel friend

He's flapping his wings in this photo
New elephant crib
Wooden animals are people too
Storks are nice, storks that come up to you and pose for pictures are super nice

They always look so misplaced in the summer
"So, Elkbert, what'd you do today? Well, it's friday, i licked the wall of course!"
What's even better than antlers? Really fuzzy antlers!
I'm going back there soon. I wanna hang with the goats at the petting zoo, that was always my favorite part of the zoo when i was a kid. Still is.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Standing in line for two and a half hours just to get on a waitinglist is not my idea of a good time!

Yeah, that's right. No iphone for me or Allan.
The minions of Satan (also known as sales people) just let us stand there, knowing very well that they had less than 30 of the 16 GB available.
And when they finally admitted that they were out, they put us on a waitinglist. And of course they had no idea when they'd get a new shipment.
So hey Telia, fuck you!
And Apple, fuck you even more, you elitist, secretive, piece of crap corporation!
Sending only 8.000 phones to Denmark all together? Knowing that these are the first iphones to hit this country ever?
No, that's not about building up some serious hype for your product, you just didn't have any more to spare. Right.

I guess i'll have to settle for a broken old phone and an ipod with no more room for... well, indefinitely, cause the fuckers couldn't even give us an approximate date!

One positive thing about this morning, i got to see both my faux sisters.
And we're hanging out on sunday too. Yay!


It's been a week or so since we watched it, but we were just talking about it today.
Southland Tales.
The second film from the guy who did Donnie Darko, a movie that pretty much everyone loved.
I'd read the reviews, even from before he re-edited the whole thing and i knew it was gonna be crap. I mean, some of the worst actors on the planet are in it.* The Rock is in it. Bai Ling is in it. It couldn't be good.
But me, Allan and Nick decided to rent it anyway. For fun. Sometimes watching bad movies are fun.
Not so in this case.
After 58 minutes we started checking how much time was left. We lasted about five minutes after that. Then we had to stop it. We were too embarrassed for everyone involved to watch any more of it.
I almost never stop in the middle of a movie, but if i'd had to watch The Rock do that retarded thing with his hands just one more time i would have killed myself.
I cannot stress enough how much you don't need to waste your precious life on this joke of a movie.

Which brings me to another movie we talked about today, that you don't need to waste your time on (though chances are that you already did):
Sweeney Todd.
What a huge disappointment that was.
How dare they even call it a musical? That would imply that it contained music!
It does not, just lots of horrible, monotonous, shrieky sounds. And also bad acting.
How people could enjoy that piece of crap is beyond me.
Note to everyone: just cause Johnny Depp is in it, doesn't make it good! Pirates 3? Anyone?

Enough with the hate, i'm gonna go read for a bit.

Update: I talked to Nick who felt that i was a lot harder on Sweeney Todd than i was on Southland Tales. That was unintentional.
I'd like to make it clear that Southland Tales is, by far, the worse of the two.
The worst i've seen in many years (that's counting made for TV movies) and i didn't even watch half of it.
But Sweeney Todd was a much bigger disappointment to me.
It was hyped and most critics seemed to like it. Because of that i actually expected something good, not necessarily great, but at least good.
Unlike Southland Tales, which i knew was gonna suck (again, i had hoped it would be in a good way.)
Nick, i hope that clears it up!

*I do love Buffy, and every single person who ever appeared in an episode, but SMG's no Katharine Hepburn.

Too yellow for some

Not for me.

Ps. Tomorrow morning: iphone!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another houseguest

That's Lucifer's buddy Masumi, the bottom one.
She's staying with us for a week or two.
This morning she taught Lucifer that the fatboy is not scary at all.
It is, in fact, doggie heaven.


As promised

A slightly blurry picture of my snail.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


This is one of those not so awesome days.
And the weather is not helping. I hate being soaked.

And i have not one, but two dogs at the shop, going ballistic whenever someone dares to enter the shop.

I need something calming.


I was checking the news and found a picture of my dad

No mention of him in the article, but i like the picture.
The lampshades are kinda making it look like the little ladies are wearing cone hats!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Five and a half hours

I bought these vintage NOS Candie's on ebay a couple of years ago, but today is actually the first time i've ever worn them outside the apartment.
Considering the heel is pretty high (higher than it looks), and that they're not worn in at all, i think five and a half hours is ok.
Good thing i always bring backup shoes to work on days like these.

And while we're on the subject, my wonderful shoe pusher brought in a giant black garbage bag full of samples for me to try on!
Tomorrow i'm gonna have to bring some socks so i can test them all out properly!

Ok, long day, so tired, must watch Big Love. Now.

I'm getting impatient...

The new iphone comes out on friday.
I shouldn't be this excited about something that stupid, but i really need a new phone.
And a new ipod.
So it makes sense.
Which color should i get, black or white?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Weekend guilt

Is this a Danish phenomenon? Or is this a general civilized world thing?

I didn't use to suffer from it. I used to be the ultimate slacker who'd, happily and guilt free, spend an entire sunday on the sofa watching Buffy and eating chips.
Not so anymore.
Now i'm like everyone else in this city, totally fixated on using these two days to do all the things i don't have time for during the week.

To most people that includes planting something in their garden, washing the car, painting the house or spending time with that kid they popped out a few years back and haven't really seen since christmas.

I guess i'm lucky that my life is a little more simple than that.
Today i'll probably vacuum, take the dog for a nice sunday walk, do some more laundry, call my family and mount a set of giant antlers above the new TV.

If you're wondering if i had saturday guilt too, the answer is yes, i did.
I was at the shop yesterday and spent a good amount of time organizing flash and prints, something i don't really have time for during the week, so i guess you can have weekend guilt at work too.
Why were we at the shop on a saturday? These awesome people needed tattooing:

If you wanna see what they got done, check out Allan's blog!

Rabbits in Japan

I didn't plan this at all, i just happened to come home with more than a few rabbit photos.