Saturday, June 28, 2008

So i was thinking, and Alice agrees, that i should cut my hair

Two out of three agrees, i should cut my hair again*.
The third one was, of course, a dude. He liked long hair.
Whatever, if all goes according to plan (mine and natures) it should grow back.

I was thinking something like this (and again, Alice was thinking the same thing):

*Based on late night myspace bulletin answers.


  1. klip klip snip snip!! hot hot!!

  2. I think it would be super cute!!

  3. Youa re a beautiful woman, I think you can totally pull this off. Ithink everyone should have very short hair and very long hair at least once in their life! Go for it Amalie!

  4. Thanks, i will!!
    I already tried the really long hair (even though it was totally fake... it still counts right?) so i think it's time!
    I'm pretty excited about it, i just wish my hair person didn't have a month long waitinglist.